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Yagua, a Cuban Story

J.C. Newman is introducing a new cigar: Yagua.  The Yagua story is one of Cuba from the 1940s.

The cigar was inspired by a story J.C. Newman PENSA’s General Manager, Lazaro Lopez, shared with Drew Newman (Fourth Generation Owner, J.C. Newman Cigar Company) over dinner in Esteli, Nicaragua.
“At our family farm, my grandfather would take fresh tobacco leaves from the curing barns and roll cigars without any molds or presses. In an attempt to give his cigars a traditional shape, he would tie a handful of them together using pieces of the Cuban royal palm tree, known as the yagua. When he was ready to enjoy his personal cigars, he untied the bundle. He loved how every cigar had its own unique shape. I still remember the rich aroma and taste of my grandfather’s cigars. Today, I’ve recreated Yagua, rolling them exactly how my grandfather did a century ago.”

Because the cigars are pressed together and bound while they are still wet, each one has a slightly different shape. With a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos, these cigars offer a rich smooth flavor.

This cigar, new from J.C. Newman, is a brick and mortar exclusive cigar. Only 1,000 boxes have been released.

Vitola: Toro 6 x 54 | 152 x 21,4
Price: USD 7.50 per cigar/ boxes of 20

Katja Gnann

Bei einer regionalen Tageszeitung erlernte sie das journalistische Handwerk von der Pieke auf und erstellte dort langjährig redaktionelle Beiträge. Durch die Mitarbeit bei der Zeitschrift „Der Spiegel“ in Rom bekam sie die Chance, ihre Kenntnisse im Medienbereich zu professionalisieren. Katja Gnann studierte Kunstgeschichte und Romanistik in Heidelberg, Palermo und Rom und verbrachte im Zuge des Studiums viele Jahre in Italien. Das Land war ihr Lehrmeister in Sachen Genuss und Lebensstil. Seit 2004 arbeitet sie für das Cigar Journal, seit 2010 als Chefredakteurin.


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