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Tatuaje and Surrogates Robusto Samplers

Tatuaje Cigars Inc./Havana Cellars is introducing two new boxed samplers. These Robusto collections, each with six cigars, sample various blends across the Tatuaje and Surrogates brands at an MSRP of USD 54.00. Only two of the 12 blends that make up these samplers have ever been available in the 5 x 50 Robusto size, the rest will only be available in these exclusive samplers.

The initial production is limited but these samplers are here to stay and will be added to the regular Tatuaje and Surrogates lines.

The initial release of both six pack samplers have completely SOLD OUT. The next shipment is expected to arrive at the warehouse by mid to late February 2021.


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