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Cigar Auction London 2019


The Market In Old Cuban Cigars Remains Buoyant

Interesting Lots, as always, included the ever popular Cuban Davidoffs and Dunhills and a selection of rare and aged Cubans sourced from all over the globe. Cohibas continue to fetch top prices.

Cigar Auction London 2019

Photo: Partagas Humidor

The best-selling Lots included a Partagas 70th Anniversary humidor, which sold for £7,550 (EUR 8,772) and a Cohiba Majuestosos humidor which finally sold for £7,100 (EUR 8,250). There were bargains to be had as well, with boxes such as a Partagas Serie E No.2 from 2012 selling for £310 (EUR 360) – considerably less than a current production box, which retails for around £700 (EUR 813).

Casa del Habano Partagas Humidor

Photo: Casa del Habano Partagas Humidor

Obviously the more we can do to reduce the profit we are due to receive, the better from the bursary point of view.

C.Gars Ltd auctions used to be conducted in person but have graduated to becoming an all online facility, currently offered three times a year. Since their inception, the auctions have become a key market place for collectors, investors and cigar lovers alike and millions of pounds worth of cigars have changed hands.

More details available via www.onlinecigarauctions.com


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