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Julio & Justo Eiroa Founding Their Own Cigar Company JRE Tobacco

Christian Eiroa, maker of Cigar Journal’s Cigar of the Year 2015, announced in a press statement that his father, Julio, and his brother, Justo, have entered the cigar business by founding the independent company JRE Tobacco. The new company’s portfolio will include the brands Aladino, Rancho Luna and Tatascan. As of February 1st, 2016, JRE Tobacco Co. will have their own distribution and sales and marketing teams.

The Aladino brand made its debut at the IPCPR 2015 as new part of the Eiroa’s CLE portfolio and began shipping to retailers in November 2015. The cigars had been blended by Julio Eiroa und used tobaccos grown by Julio in the Jamastran Valley.

The company website will be available at www.jretobacco.com in mid February.


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