It’s a Habanos Christmas in Russia

Top Cigars Corporation, the Habanos S.A. distributor for Russia is pleased to announce that on the eve of the next New Year 2022, the company is is launching a new unique project: a series of Habanos New Year collection cases, unreleased anywhere else in the world.

The first launch of the collection, a New Year gift case, which includes two tubes of the classic Partagas Serie D Serie No. 4 (50 x 124 mm Robusto), as well as a Christmas tree ball ornament of original Russian Fayans porcelain showcasing the traditional black and red of the Partagas brand.  This set will surely turn out to be a wonderful gift for Habanos lovers both in Russia and abroad.  The gift set will be available for purchase from specialized Habanos retailers throughout the country.

According to our source, the company plans to launch a similar Habanos branded gift set every Christmas at least for each global brand of Habanos.

Jorge Tapies is a passionate cigar smoker for over 20 years who enjoys visiting a tobacco farm or factory as well as spending time with friends at a cigar lounge anywhere in the world over a glass of aged rum. Jorge holds the Tobacconist University Certified Consumer Tobacconist as well as the International Association of Cigar Sommeliers' Cigar Ambassador certifications and is an avid reader and book collector on anything cigar and tobacco related. Jorge is a regular contributor and ambassador for Cigar Journal, especially in Spanish speaking countries. He is also member of Cigar Journal’s tasting panel since 2012.


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