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Great Lakes Smoke Show

Coming out of Northern Illinois is a wonderful online smoke show that is absolutely a blast to watch.  The Great Lakes Smoke Show may sound like a regional name, but people from all over the world watch this 90 minute fun and informative session with the four main men who make it happen: Ronnie Pecorini and Bob Pecorini and producers Frank Minutillo and Kyle Jesso.  Sometimes they will be in different locations, sometimes they will be in the same location.  But no matter where they are, they bring it all together. 


The show is a microcosm of being in your favorite cigar shop.  Many times people say that in a cigar shop, you can have a CEO sitting next to a plumber who is sitting next to a bus driver.  Same is true over the course of the year on the show.  The boys have everyone in the cigar universe on the show from the biggest names to the smallest boutiques.  One show will have the likes of Nick Perdomo or Rocky Patel and the next two shows will have two start up boutiques that are making an impact on the cigar scene.  All are treated with great respect and all are given the opportunity to let their hair down and relax while we all put some smoke in the air and have a few laughs!

You won’t get off the show without playing a round of Smoke the Chooch.  A Chooch is an old Italian word for donkey.  Three trivia questions are given to the audience on some random topic.  The viewers type in their answers and the first ones to get the answer correct win some beautiful piece of cigar schwag.  From a lighter or cutter to a shirt or hat, the winner goes away happy!

The show can be watched live on Facebook or YouTube and the succeeding podcasts of the live show can be found on I Heart Radio and Spotify, as well as Google and Apple podcasts.


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