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Colibri Announced Quadruple-Jet Flame Lighter Series for Asylum Cigars


Photo: Colibri

Colibri Group announced the new Firebird Qu4d Burner cigar lighter, a special limited-production series for Asylum Cigars that will be released in summer 2016.

Firebird, the company’s value-oriented accessories brand since 1970, will debut the Qu4d Burner, a quadruple-jet flame cigar lighter especially suitable for lighting up large ring gauge cigars. In addition to the extra fire power, the lighter will feature an extra-large fuel tank and an easy-to-use extra-large flame adjuster wheel, which runs the diameter of the entire base of the lighter.

The lighter will be available in four finishes (black & red, black & silver, black & orange and black & blue) for a suggested retail price of USD 14.99.

Photo: Colibri

Photo: Colibri


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