Cigar Rights of The World Launched

Yesterday evening, Jeremiah Meerapfel publicly announced the launch of Cigar Rights of the World.

Cigar Rights of the World is a global platform whose goal is protecting cigar passionado’s rights, not linked to any continent or culture, manufacturer, corporation, language or religion, political affiliation or position.

Most importantly though, Cigar Rights of the World is the first association that will be purely consumer-centered. It is a platform built and held together by the passionados – by the end consumers, for the end consumers.

Founder Jeremiah Meerapfel stated: „This is your fight! Everything we do, all our efforts and hard work, we will plug into the various platforms and organizations, whether it’s Cigar Rights of America, Cigar Rights of Europe and the likes. We will be serving them, gathering together all the consumers and passionados to help them understand what it is they are able to do: to sustain, to maintain and protect the industry that we all love so much.“

He also announced that Reinhard Pohorec will be the president of this newly formed entity, starting immediately. The young gentleman has established himself firmly in the cigar industry by building bridges and bringing together passionate people from all ends of the world through his various initiatives, most recently the Light em Up Lounge (awarded Cigar Ambassador by Cigar Journal).

„This is it! This is about the people – to consolidate and unite the brothers and sisters of the leaf worldwide. My entire journey has been about hosting and connecting people, serving the community and fostering camaraderie. I’m honored to devote my passion and efforts to the cigar family, the industry that I consider the most wonderful and magical in the world. I treasure and acknowledge the responsibility and want to express my gratitude for serving a greater purpose“, Pohorec said.

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