AJ Fernández, Ready for the 20th Anniversary

AJ Fernández is not very fond of small batches or limited runs. Perhaps that is why the announcement of a double limited ediction of AJ, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the company, has been one of the most interesting novelties at the Intertabac 2023 show. However, no one has seen the cigars, not even a single box. The only trace was a big red sign on their booth that says: “Twenty years of passion, discipline and great tobacco have led to this”. Behind it, a promise: a limited edition that will be a double releasement of a cigar with a totally new blend in only two sizes. The first one will be sold in boxes of 20 units for the whole world. The second format will go in 50-count humidors one for each international market and a few more for the United States. It’s great news, a limited edition of AJ Fernández, although there is no date yet. 

New World Dorado
On the other hand, when it comes to launches already available for the markets, AJ Fernández has focused on New World Dorado, the brand’s most premium line that was presented at the last edition of Intertabac. New World Dorado is a cigar whose main characteristic is that it is made with tobacco from a single farm. AJ has added to New World Dorado a 143 mm x 46 corona gorda format and a sampler with the entire family, The Gold Standard Sampler, which contains the five formats that are in New World Dorado portfolio.

Javier Blanco Urgoiti ist ein spanischer Journalist, der für die Prozesse rund um den Tabak schwärmt, die vor der Fertigung in der Zigarrenfabrik stattfinden, insbesondere für die Geheimnisse des Tabakanbaus. Ein Bereich, in dem er unermüdlich versucht, sich weiterzubilden. Javier raucht und schreibt seit 1998, zunächst für die spanischen Magazine “La boutique del fumador” und “La cava de cigarros”, später als Pressechef bei La Aurora, der ältesten Tabakfabrik der Dominikanischen Republik und nun für Cigar Journal, als Korrespondent in Spanien.


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