Cuban Cigar Website Suffers Complete Data Loss, Now Offline, the biggest online data base of cuban cigars, is offline after suffering a complete data loss on December 7, 2016. Website manager Alexander Groom disclosed the reason to be corrupted backup files on the servers and said that the lost files are not retrievable:

“The word from the hosting company is that while they do take multiple redundant backups, because the failure was in the software than manages the servers rather than the server itself, those backups are corrupted and cannot be restored. I have harangued them about the criticalness of the situation at great length, and they insist that they have exhausted all possible avenues in trying to recover.”

The website that can currently be found at is a flat file copy that does not include the previous content. Groom now works on rebuilding the website and announced to use the opportunity to make some improvements to the site. As of now it is unclear when the page will be up and running again. Older versions of the website can be found throughout the internet. Click here.


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