Colibri Boss Lighter Cutter

Colibri Cigar Lighter “Boss” With Double Guillotine Cutter

Colibri announced the launch of the Colibri Boss, the world’s first triple-flame cigar lighter with a swing-out, double guillotine cigar cutter.

The Colibri Boss is the company’s latest cigar lighter-cutter-in-one accessory, a format the company pioneered in the 1990s. The Boss is built on state-of-the-art technology and design—featuring an integrated dual blade cigar cutter that swings out from the back of the instrument and a pyramidal jet flame system that creates a robust wall of fire for an effortless light.

The angles and chamfers in the body design give it a visually stunning appearance and also help create a more ergonomic shape for secure handling during operation. The air intake vents allow for increased air flow, which help the premixing of air and fuel within the burner and augments the lighter’s high altitude performance. Fuel levels are can be checked via the “blue illusion” fuel window.

The Boss will be available in four finishes: metallic black + matte black, metallic silver + matte black, brilliant red + matte black, brilliant blue + matte black. In stores in November. Suggested retail is $150.


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