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Cigar News

jonathan drew estate

Drew Estate: From Kiosk to Global Cigar Company

In 1996, Brooklyn native Jonathan Drew opened a cigar kiosk in New York’s World Trade Center. That kiosk dramatically changed the course of Drew’s life – and that of many others. Today, Drew Estate, as it is now known, operates the second-largest premium cigar factory in the world.

humidores habana jose ernesto aguilera portrait

Humidores Habana: A Fine Piece of Cuba

His humidors are auctioned for hundreds of thousands of Euros at the Festival del Habano. José Ernesto Aguilera’s company Humidores Habana is a Cuban success story. Fourteen years ago, when Aguilera built his first humidor, he never would have dared dream such a thing.

partagas factory pollack calle san carlos havana

Once Upon a Time … A Warehouse at Calle San Carlos No. 816

It’s hard to believe that the famous tobacco exporter Mark A. Pollack built this splendid structure located behind the Briones Montoto factory just to store his excellent tobacco. Fully renovated in recent years, the gorgeous building is housing a Partagás worksite while its walls shine a gleaming white.

woman smoking cigar bw stock photo r

International Women’s Cigar Society. The Network.

Back in 2009 a hub was set up especially for women in the branch – the International Women’s Cigar Society (IWCS). The platform not only unites the distribution, the manufacturing and supplier side, but also the cigar smokers themselves, and women’s cigar clubs have found their point of contact in IWCS.

roman symonowicz portrait cigar poker

Roman Szymonowicz and the Fine Art of Bluffing

On his finger, a massive poker ring; in his hand a Habano – ready for the next delightful draw. What is the real art of emerging as the winner of a poker tournament? Roman Symonowicz, a former manager in the automobile industry, uses the poker game to rise above himself: it’s a discipline that he has perfectly mastered.