Christian Eiroa Visits Bertie, Hong Kong

For the first time in its few years of existence, Bertie Cigar Lounge has been able to offer the space a cigarmaker deserves: the spotlight!

Christian Eiroa endured a 28-hour journey from Honduras for a few hours in Hong Kong, and Bertie guests made the most of their time with him, discussing a variety of topics such as tobacco planting, cigar making, corojo tobacco or maduro wrappers.

Christian introduced his family history and the philosophy behind their cigarmaking, while guests really indulged in his brands Eiroa, C.L.E and Asylum. A casual event, Port and Flor De Caña Rum was complemented by a succulent antipasti buffet from famed chef Paolo Monti’s AMA restaurant.

“I have wanted to work with Eric Piras for several years, and I am really pleased that we have a chance to collaborate now on the distribution of our brands,” said Christian Eiroa, Founder & President of C.L.E Cigar Company. “My visit here shows that there is a real future for Eiroa, C.L.E and Asylum in Asia, and I am impressed by the enthusiasm of the cigar fans I have met here.”

Eric Piras, founder of Cigraal and distributor for C.L.E Cigar Company, said “Asia is used to winemakers or spirits-makers’ visits, but we haven’t been able to host a cigarmaker in many years, and this is what Bertie is all about. The interaction with Christian was fantastic and his brands will definitely get a substantial boost from this visit. For cigar lovers, there is nothing like meeting the people behind the brands and understanding the amount of hard work, time and dedication that go into a cigar!”

Samuel Spurr has been Cigar Journal’s Asia-Pacific contributor since his first feature on the Australian cigar scene in 2006. Regularly writing, Tweeting, and Instagramming about cigars, he’s recognized in Australia as a cigar authority and frequently hosts cigar master classes.


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