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There are many awards, but only a few are conferred by you, the consumers. The greater the suspense today, on Thursday, September 16 2021, when the winners of the coveted public awards were announced in the presence of the biggest names of the industry.

The Taste of Havana

Recently published, the cookbook The Taste of Havana has numerous original Cuban recipes, is full of funny anecdotes and enlivened with colorful photos. Our Cigar Journal cook, Walter Monschein, tested the recipes and has put together a Cuban menu from the book for you. Put on whatever music you like – son cubano, rumba, salsa or reguetón – turn on the stove, and start cooking!

The Complicated Future of Premium Cigars

I never expected to like cigars, much less write about them. When I sampled my first cigar, I had never smoked anything at all. I was more of a coffee person, and it was while I was working in a coffee shop that one of my regulars convinced me to try one. Regarding both coffee and cigars, we talked about the varietals of the plants, their countries of origin, and the ways they were grown; the spectrum of cigar wrappers mirrored the roast profiles of coffee beans.

Vienna, The Island of the Blessed

The first impression that visitors to Vienna often express is: “Time has stood still here.” In light of the comprehensive historic buildings and the somewhat leisurely pace here in Austria, this may be true. But in a matter that concerns us cigar smokers, it is – thank goodness – also true: in Austria, smoking indoors is still allowed in compliance with certain conditions.



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