Alec & Bradley Cigars Announced Third Full Scale Production Line: ‘Kintsugi’

Alec & Bradley Cigars, founded by brothers Alec and Bradley Rubin in 2018, announced today their third full line release- Alec & Bradley ‘Kintsugi’ (pronounced Kint-Su-Gee).

Alec & Bradley created an elegant, multifaceted medium bodied cigar for ‘Kintsugi’. A silky-smooth Habano wrapper is set atop a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran binder and filler tobaccos. Coming off the success of the Alec & Bradley ‘Gatekeeper’ line, the Alec & Bradley ‘Kintsugi’ will be a must try for cigar enthusiasts!

Naming their release ‘Kintsugi’, the brothers are relaying an allegory- applying it to the current state of the Premium Cigar Industry. The legend of the Japanese artform Kintsugi states that a 15th century Japanese Shogun dropped his favorite vase, shattering it to pieces. He then ordered artisans to reconstruct it with gold or silver lacquer- making it even more beautiful.

“Unfortunately, the cigar industry seems to be a bit fractured right now,” said Bradley Rubin. “We are all fighting to reduce or eliminate regulation, but there is little consensus on how to achieve this. We can all learn from the Kintsugi story. We are all better together. The passion behind premium cigars is the gold lacquer that binds.”

“We are honoring Kintsugi through our artform, cigar making,” said Alec Rubin. “Bradley and I hope that if we spread the story and spirit through our cigars- colleagues and enthusiasts may one day embrace the tradition and come together for a common cause.”

Alec & Bradley ‘Kintsugi’ is being distributed under the umbrella of Alec Bradley Cigar Co. Alec Bradley founder Alan Rubin (father to Alec and Bradley Rubin), is heavily involved legislatively in the fight to save the premium cigar industry.


Alec & Bradley ‘Kintsugi’

Format: Robusto (5” x 50), Toro (6” x 52), Gordo (6” x 60) and a size to be disclosed at a later date
Produktion: Raices Cubanas Factory in Danli, Honduras
Prices & Shipping: MSRP, sales dates and ship dates have yet to be announced, but Alec & Bradley expect a mid-May to early-June 2020 release
Packaging: 20 count boxes, adorned with a golden filled-in crack pattern, mimicking that of the Shogun’s vase. The bands and inside box labels take styling cues from traditional Japanese themes and artwork.




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