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In a collaboration with the producer of luxury items S.T. Dupont, A. Fuente & Co. has released the first of several limited collec- tions to celebrate next year’s 25th anniversary of its famous Opus X brand.

The Fuente family partnered with S.T. Dupont on an Opus X 25th anniversary collection that features three distinct lighters, one luxury cigar cutter, and an exclusive pen. The family’s longtime designer Manny Iriarte was selected to create the design.

“I’ve always talked about celebrating Opus X’s birthday every five years to pay tribute and to do something ex- clusive and unique that Opus lovers can collect,” states Iriarte. “The relationship with S.T. Dupont has always been a success.”

Each piece features a different design inspired by the history of the Opus X brand, with the Line 2 Fuente Lacquer (USD 2,350) being the most opulent. Black and emerald green dominate its color scheme, with rose gold and pink gold used for fonts and accents.

The second lighter is the Line 2 Fuente Goldsmith (USD 1,894). Its casing is made entirely of rose gold, with classic engravings and pink gold adornments. The third lighter is called the Maxijet (USD 264.00), which uses the same black-and-green motif as its high-end sister, Fuente Lacquer, but without the golds. The cigar cutter (USD 212.00) shares the same design as the Maxijet. The Line D pen is also black and green.

“The designs started with the creation of the logo, vari- ants of colors, and meanings for each birthday,” explains Iriarte. “Rose gold and emerald green bestow a distinc- tive luxury to the commemoration. And the collection will be highly prized among collectors of Arturo Fuente cigars, especially the Opus X.”


George Manzella is a passionate cigar smoker who credits his father for introducing him to the leaf in 1994 when he was just 18 years old. George has been a high school teacher of English in New Jersey, USA since 2003 where he has taught literature, writing and journalism. He is also the founder of the New Jersey Cigar Club. George wrote for two local community periodicals prior to joining Cigar Journal in 2015. His passion for premium tobacco and his zest for writing has taken George on a remarkable journey through an enchanted world of unforgettable memories and life-long friendships.


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