Cigar Smoking World Championship 2018

A $20.000 S.T. Dupont Lighter For The Slowest Smoker

The traditional and exciting Cigar Smoking World Championship 2018 will take place in Split/Croatia on the first weekend in September.

The full program can be found here: Cigar Smoking World Championship 2018 Program.

Registrations to the Cigar Smoking World Championship Finale 2018 can be made here: CSWC registration 2018.

This year, S.T. Dupont handcrafted a unique trophy for the winner of this sophisticated competition. The slowest smoker will receive a magnificent Haute Creation lighter, which will be dedicated especially to the competition. Black lacquer and yellow gold finishes will be used, and the logo “Cigar Smoking World Championship 2018” will be engraved.

S.T. Dupont has decided to offer a lighter from Haute Creation Exclusive collection named “Armoiries”. S.T. Dupont’s Haute Création ARMOIRIES collection gives new meaning to the concept of luxury: the symbols of royalty alongside S.T. Dupont’s coat of arms. The ARMOIRIES collection constitutes a tribute to the Age of Chivalry. Indeed, it embodies S.T. Dupont’s core values: excellence in all products, the use of noble materials, pride in delivering objects that are entirely hand-designed by master craftsmen, and loyalty to the unique cultural heritage that these creations transmit from generation to generation: a spectacular collection for exceptional customers.

At every stage of production, infinite attention is paid to perfecting every detail. Some 100 operations are involved in assembling lighters, pens and leather goods, and 200 quality assessments are conducted before the end product is released. This combination of high-tech mastery and top-quality material adds magnificence to the arts of travelling, lighting and writing. Mindful of its exceptional reputation, S.T. Dupont combines precious and innovative materials. Carefully selected Chinese lacquer is worked in accordance with long-standing Eastern traditions. Gold, palladium, bronze and Chinese lacquer adorn the House’s iconic collections, lending them an incomparable beauty that transcends fashion. S.T. Dupont’s travel goods are made from leather of exceptional quality, patinated or tanned with diamond powder.


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