4th CSWC title for Wilson C in Malaysia

Everyone was expecting a showdown between three times champion Wilson C and defending champion Yadie Dayana at Malaysia’s slow smoking qualifier, but these hopes were destroyed after just eleven minutes.

“Yadie was so busy coaching the fellow contenders at his table that he forgot to puff on his own cigar,” the organizers say. “Luckily there was a consolation prize for the first person out, so Yadi didn’t go back to Indonesia empty handed. As a bonus, all the other competitors now have the bragging rights that they did better than the two-time champion.”

Wilson C did better. In 2023 he missed out on all the prizes when he ended up fourth, but this year he was ready for action. After one hour 18 of the 36 contestants were out and when the smokers reached about 1 hour and 45 minutes there were only three left, Muhammad Mukhlis and Mutia Faisal Chaniago from Indonesia and Wilson C from Malaysia. At 1 hour 48 minutes and 17 seconds Mukhlis was out. Seven minutes later, Chaniago, who owns the Caesar Cigar Shop & Lounge in Jakarta, was also out. Left standing was the remaining favourite and one minute after the two-hour mark Wilson C was able to claim his fourth title at yet another successful event in Malaysia.

“For many competitors, as well for the hosts and the judges, the annual gathering is starting to feel like a reunion”, the organizers say. “Especially with the large contingent of Indonesian participants who comes every year. Some of the competitors have already signed for the qualifier in Phuket this coming weekend, so there is a second chance for all those who didn’t win.”

  1. Wilson C 2:01:00
  2. Mutia Faisal Chaniago 1:55:15
  3. Muhammad Mukhlis 1:48:17

Since graduating with an engineering degree in surveying in 2005, Simon Lundh has preferred to follow a profession in journalism. He stumbled upon the cigar world while working for a non-governmental organization in Estelí, Nicaragua, and is now mainly making a living writing about cigars, metal music, tattoos, and travel.


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