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Xikar to Bring HumiFan and PuroTemp Digital Hygrometer to Market

Xikar announced in a press release the latest additions to their line of humidification devices.

The new HumiFan™ Humidor Air Circulator provides intermittent air circulation to prevent stagnant conditions inside a humidor. This redistribution of air, occurring every 15 minutes for 15 seconds, diffuses inconsistent humidity levels, providing a more stable environment for cigar storage. The HumiFan™ is pre-programmed to simplify the cigar regulation process, and the compact size of the battery-powered unit maximizes the cigar storage capacity.

The PuroTemp® Digital Gauge Hygrometer evokes a modern depiction of the popular retro analog hygrometer. An oversized digital display makes it easy to monitor temperature and humidity levels inside the humidor. Its digital hand readily displays the Relative Humidity level of the humidor, similar to a speedometer in a car. Each hygrometer comes pre-calibrated for accuracy, right out of the box.

“XIKAR is dedicated to continuous product innovation that enhances every area of the cigar smoking experience” said Kurt Van Keppel, CEO and Founder of XIKAR.” The HumiFan™ and Digital Gauge Hygrometer are two outstanding additions to our humidification system, designed to simplify cigar preservation while producing superlative and reliable results.” continued Mr. Van Keppel.

The HumiFan™ Humidor Air Circulator and PuroTemp® Digital Gauge Hygrometer can be purchased individually or are found in the HumiKit™, XIKAR’s new all in one humidification system. Complete with a 250ct Crystal Humidifier and 8 oz. XIKAR PG Solution, the HumiKit provides all essential products to successfully maintain an ideal cigar fresh environment.

The HumiFan™ Humidor Air Circulator, PuroTemp® Digital Gauge Hygrometer and HumiKit™ begin shipping the first week in March 2016.

Photo: Xikar

Photo: Xikar

Photo: Xikar

Photo: Xikar


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