Cigar Trophy Awards

Winners of the 2016 Cigar Trophy Awards Announced

cj_trophy_badge_2016In June 2016, registered users were able to cast their votes on for the best cigars, cigar brands, lounges and accessories. More users than ever before took the opportunity to vote for the only awards in the cigar industry decided by the public.

The results are now official: On Friday, September 16, the Cigar Trophies 2016 were awarded in the presence of prominent personalities of the industry and tobacconists. Find out who won the race for the titles of the best cigars, accessories and lounges this year

Best Brand 2016

Cuba: Partagás

All Nominees in this category: Cohiba | Montecristo | Partagás | Ramon Allones | Trinidad

Dom. Rep.: Davidoff Winston Churchill

All Nominees in this category: Davidoff Winston Churchill | Gurkha 125th Anniversary | La Aurora 107 | La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero | Quesada 40th Anniversary

Honduras: Alec Bradley Black Market

All Nominees in this category: Alec Bradley Black Market | Camacho American Barrel Aged | Flor de Copan | Flor de Selva | Rocky Patel Twentieth Anniversary

Nicaragua: Perdomo Double Aged 12 Year Vintage

All Nominees in this category: CAO Flathead | Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco RE | Nub | Perdomo Double Aged 12 Year Vintage | San Cristobal (Paradiso)

USA: Tatuaje Reserva

All Nominees in this category: Casa Fernandez Miami | El Primer Mundo Liga Miami | El Reloj El Ocho | La Palina Family Series Miami | Tatuaje Reserva


Best Cigar 2016

Cuba: Partagás Serie D No. 5

All Nominees in this category: Bolívar Belicosos Finos | Cohiba Behike BHK 56 | Cohiba Siglo VI | Partagás Serie D No. 5 | Trinidad Vigía

Dom. Rep.: La Flor Dominicana La Nox

All Nominees in this category: Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Belicoso | Ashton Symmetry Sublime | Davidoff Escurio Gran Toro | La Bohème Encantador La Scala | La Flor Dominicana La Nox

Honduras: Alec Bradley Sanctum Robusto

All Nominees in this category: Alec Bradley Sanctum Robusto | Camacho Connecticut Robusto | Flor de Selva Tempo Maduro | Leaf by Oscar Maduro Toro | Rocky Patel Twentieth Anniversary Rothschild

Nicaragua: Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Exclusivo Maduro

All Nominees in this category: A.J. Fernandez Enclave Salomon | El Centurion H-2K-CT Toro | Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Exclusivo Maduro | Perdomo Double Aged 12 Year Vintage Epicure Sun Grown | Tabaquero by Hamlet Paredes Toro


Best Value 2016

Dom. Rep.: Kristoff Ligero Maduro

All Nominees in this category: A. Flores Gran Reserva | Kristoff Ligero Maduro | La Aurora 1495 Series | Macanudo Inspirado Black | VegaFina Nicaragua

Honduras: Rocky Patel The Edge

All Nominees in this category: Camacho Ecuador | CLE Connecticut | Dunhill Heritage |Villa Zamorano | Rocky Patel The Edge

Nicaragua: Joya Red

All Nominees in this category: A.J. Fernandez New World | Brick House | Cain Daytona | Joya Red | Perdomo Small Batch 2005


Best Medium Filler 2016: Toscano Originale

All Nominees in this category: Flor de Cano | Perla de Calvano | Quintero | Quorum | Toscano Originale

Best Accessory 2016: Xikar Forte Lighter


Two tools are housed in the robust metal case of this lighter: a single-flame lighter and a built-in, seven-millimeter, razor-sharp cigar punch. The Xikar Forte Lighter is therefore not only practical, but also designed to last a lifetime – something that Xikar always guarantees.

Further Nominees in this category: Cigar Traveller Lighter To Jet Flame Converter · Daniel Marshall Treasure Chest · Davidoff Duocut Double Blade Punch Cutter · Palio Cutter

Best Cigar Lounge 2016: Casa Fuente, Las Vegas


Ten years in, the secret is officially out about this beloved cigar lounge in a city that never sleeps. Located in the famous Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino, Casa Fuente offers cigar smokers and night owls a large walk-in humidor and excellent cocktails in a pleasant atmosphere accompanied by mellow music.

Further Nominees in this category: Ashton Cigar Bar, Philadelphia · Club Macanudo, New York City · Jack’s Cigar Bar & Lounge, Rotterdam · P.G.C. Hajenius, Amsterdam

Outstanding Art 2016: Henk Luxury Goods


The do-it-yourselfers among us certainly know the “I could have done that better!” disappointment. That’s how Dutch businessman Henk van de Mees felt on a business trip to New York, frustrated for the umpteenth time by the shortcomings of his luggage. Certain he could create a much better product, he founded Henk Suitcases, later collaborating with Heiko Poerz to develop the designer line Henk Luxury Goods (today owned by Poerz). Henk produces suitcases for the demanding business traveler that are masterpieces in function, material and design.

This award was not part of the public vote.

Charity & Community 2016: Plasencia Cigars


Corporate social responsibility is a growing trend in the cigar industry. Plasencia Cigars has taken a leading role: four years ago, it took the first step by opening a preschool across from its Estelí factory. Other producers caught on, and now countless others are working to improve the wellbeing of their employees and the communities in which they do business. Plasencia is now financing two preschools and providing scholarships for students and for employees’ continuing education. It has also renovated additional schools, built a church and hired an in-house doctor, nurse and psychologist. Along with its investments in education and health, Plasencia Cigars has also initiated a recycling program in Estelí

This award was not part of the public vote.

Ambassador 2016: The Cigar Authority


Every Saturday at noon (Eastern Standard Time) it is time to light up and enjoy “The Cigar Authority” – a 2-hour video show for and about cigars. The program is also available for download (audio version). With more than 330 shows since 2010 and more than 2,5 million downloads over the past 24 months, The Cigar Authority is one of the longest running and most successful cigar podcasts. And it certainly is the most informative and entertaining show about cigars. David Garofalo, Mr. Jonathan, Barry Stein and Chuck Morrison are the unique hosts of the show and guarantee your weekly update and entertainment.

This award was not part of the public vote.

Lifetime Achievement 2016: Manuel Quesada


After four generations in the business, it’s fair to say that a good portion of Manuel Quesada’s talent for tobacco and cigars is probably genetic. The family tradition extends back to Cuba in the 1880s, where his great-great-grandfather was a tobacco trader. “Manolo,” as he’s known in the business, founded Manufactura de Tabacos S.A. (Matasa) in the Dominican Republic in 1974 with “100 dollars, a chair and a telephone” and three rollers. The factory was the first of its kind in the free trade zone of Santiago. Today Quesada Cigars (formerly Matasa) is known for its popular brands like Casa Magna, Quesada, Fonseca and Heisenberg.

This award was not part of the public vote.


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