Cigars 101 Launch

Tobacconist University launches CIGARS 101

Princeton, New Jersey based Tobacconist University (TU) recently announced the launch of their new online certification course geared to devoted cigar smokers called “CIGARS 101: A Fundamental Education”. TU founder and retail store owner Mr. Jorge Armenteros told Cigar Journal that the program was unofficially released in mid-April 2020 to selected consumers to test the new content and interactive features and that the feedback so far has been extremely positive.

CIGARS 101 comes as a consumer-geared extension to the Tobacconist University’s well-known Certified Consumer Tobacconist (CCT) degree, which is based on a much larger academic curriculum and encompasses all that is needed to become a well-rounded tobacconist, an expert dealer in tobacco and the related accoutrements.

The CIGARS 101 course is integrated into a modern learning platform that incorporates videos, quizzes/exams, free previews, etc… We believe that this new program from a well-established institution like TU is a laudable attempt to elevate consumer education delivery into the 21st Century. By virtue of being all online, their curriculum also allows for regular updates, live progress tracking, exam answers reviews. Mr. Armenteros tells us that his idea was to create a simple yet modern learning management system that can evolve as technology enables it.

CIGARS 101 is likely the most comprehensive consumer cigar education program available to the cigar smoker today. Their objective is to take the beginner or intermediate cigar smoker to a near expert level in terms of cigar knowledge and education. The user-friendly online syllabus includes hundreds of pages of useful cigar content, 4+ hours of videos, 100% online and constantly updated. And finally as a nice bonus, if you are able to pass the challenging online exams, you will get a diploma.

The cost of the program is $75, which for the amount of content you are getting seems quite affordable. Especially during this Covid-19 quarantine times, we encourage our readers and cigar smokers to take a shot and challenge themselves to test their cigar knowledge.


Jorge Tapies is a passionate cigar smoker for over 20 years who enjoys visiting a tobacco farm or factory as well as spending time with friends at a cigar lounge anywhere in the world over a glass of aged rum. Jorge holds the Tobacconist University Certified Consumer Tobacconist as well as the International Association of Cigar Sommeliers' Cigar Ambassador certifications and is an avid reader and book collector on anything cigar and tobacco related. Jorge is a regular contributor and ambassador for Cigar Journal, especially in Spanish speaking countries. He is also member of Cigar Journal’s tasting panel since 2012.


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