The Index Releases First Box from Its Collection X Program

The Index, Australia’s premier luxury cigar purveyors, has released the first box of aged Cuban Cigars from its exclusive, Australia-first Collection X program. The Collection X program provides exclusive in-store access to the world’s rarest and most exquisite cigars, sourced from the private collection of The Index’s founders and the industry’s most esteemed distributors.

The Collection X program, accessible to The Index’s VIP clients by invitation only, has received immense interest since the brand launched. Last week’s debut release from Collection X’s private curation, procured by an unnamed client, comes six months earlier than the founders had anticipated.

“The quality of the product and the credibility of our luxury distributors means we have always considered Collection X a long game,” said Founder Hollie Taylor. “Our designated Collection X cigars are remarkable, one-of-a-kind products, and we maintain state-of-the-art resting conditions so that we can continue our role as caretakers for the world’s most premium current and next generation cigars.”

The first Collection X purchase featured a box of 15 Partagas Lusitania Gran Reserva Cosecha 2007. Limited to only 5000 boxes worldwide, it was first presented at the 2013 Habanos Festival.

“The Partagas Lusitania Gran Reserva Cosecha 2007 is an inimitably constructed cigar that only a lucky few will have the chance to experience in their lifetime. Given its ageing experience to date, the selection is undoubtedly one of the most unique and desirable in the global market,” said Taylor. “We are truly humbled to have had the opportunity to release a box of Collection X cigars well ahead of our anticipated timing. Our clients lie at the centre of The Index experience, and the trust we have gained from them to help curate some of life’s most memorable and formative moments – in such a short period of time – is something we are so grateful for.”

Internationally, the price of Cuban cigars is expected to rise substantially. “Echoing the luxury fashion market, Habanos S.A. has begun informing its distributors of a new global pricing policy which will impact its entire portfolio of brands, including Cohiba and Trinidad. The result of the increase will add even greater exclusivity to Cuban cigars, with aged varietals adopting a unicorn-like status,” said Taylor. “The Index’s Collection-X program will continue to provide its VIP clients access to these universally desired products, aged to perfection, to be savoured during life’s sweetest moments. In light of the recent global scarcity of Cuban cigars, The Index and Collection X have never played more vital roles in the collectible cigar market. We curate our range to bring our VIP clients a quality of product that would be otherwise inaccessible, and while demand could justify the immediate release of our full collection, we prefer to take a more discrete approach, building long-term relationships with our esteemed patrons to ensure they can obtain the rarest and most elusive cigars for their own collections,” said Taylor.

Samuel Spurr has been Cigar Journal’s Asia-Pacific contributor since his first feature on the Australian cigar scene in 2006. Regularly writing, Tweeting, and Instagramming about cigars, he’s recognized in Australia as a cigar authority and frequently hosts cigar master classes.


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