Oliva & J. Cortès Building New Cigar Box Factory North of Estelí

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Oliva Cigar Company/J. Cortes is building a new cigar box factory north of Estelí in Nicaragua. At the moment they’re producing 60,000 boxes at rented facilities in the centre of town, which gives little room for growth according to Paul Alcazar at TABOLISA, the Oliva Cigar production company in Nicaragua. The new factory will produce 100,000 to 120,000 boxes per month and be ready at the end of May this year.

“We’ve invested 850,000 dollars in this factory,” he says. “It will be among the biggest and most advanced box factories in terms of facilities and equipment.”

Not only will it be one of the biggest box factories, it might also be the most modern. “Most of the box factories tend to be ‘old fashioned’. 200,000 dollars out of our investment will go towards equipping ours with new wood cutting equipment and we designed it for optimal work flow.”

Photo: Simon Lundh

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