Slow Cigar Smoking World Record Set in Tallinn

The Nordic qualification tournament for the Slow Cigar Smoking World Championships saw a new world record being set by Oleg Pedan from Russia, with a time of 2 hours 47 minutes 45 seconds. Second place went to Alexander Shagai and third place to Sergei Galevskii, both also from Russia.

“I came to the Tallinn Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend with a good feeling and I hoped to improve on my previous best result. Breaking the slow cigar smoking world record came as a surprise to me, but I am extremely happy that I have once again succeeded. The competition cigar was a bit strange at the beginning, but as the time went by, the cigar went better and so did the time,” said new world record-holder Oleg Pedan from St Petersburg.
This is not the first time that Pedan has been the world record holder – the previous world record holder Darren Cioffi from the United States of America set his own record of 2 hours and 40 minutes, beating Pedan’s previous best time by eight minutes. Last year, Oleg Pedan also took victory home in the slow cigar smoking world championships in Croatia, having achieved the best result at the Tallinn qualification tournament prior to that, with a time of 1 hour 43 minutes and 35 seconds.

“We can say that Oleg Pedan, who has been smoking cigars for only the last two years, is a true rising star in the cigar smoking world, and I am pleased the conditions in Tallinn allowed a new world record to be set. As the organiser of the event, I am happy with this year’s results, because the Estonian slow cigar smoking competition, which has been organised for four years in a row, attracts both enthusiasts and serious aficionados as well as those who do not measure time in the competition, but simply enjoy good company,” said Tallinn Cigar Club president and organizer of the Tallinn Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend Tullio Liblik.

Second place went to Alexander Shagai with a time of 2 hours 31 minutes 12 seconds, and third place was won by Sergei Galevskii with a time of 1 hour 44 minutes and 14 seconds. The best woman competitor was Ulyana Glazunova from Russia, whose winning slow cigar smoking time was 1 hour and 19 minutes.
In addition, two special awards were given out in the competition: the most stylish smoking pose award went to Silver Randalu from Estonia, and the most elegant gentleman prize was awarded to Pekka Palander from Finland.


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