Gran Retorno

Relaunch of Oliveros Gran Retorno

Altadis U.S.A, the creators of the small batch Aging Room line, is relaunching Oliveros Gran Retorno, now back with Extra Añejo.

The Oliveros Gran Retorno is a small batch series of cigars featuring tobaccos that have undergone a long aging process in three different stages.

For the relaunch Rafael Nodal, Head of Product Capability at Tabacalera USA, enlisted the help of Nestor Plasencia Sr. Together with the Plasencia team, they chose the blend of tobaccos for the cigars and then began the process of aging the tobaccos and cigars. First the tobacco was aged in traditional bales for 24 months, then the cigars aged in the factory Cedar Room for six months, before they get packaged and sent to Tampa, where they have been aging in their boxes for 33 months.

The Blends

The Cigars will be presented in three frontmarks:
Swing (50 x 6), USD 7.70
Banjo (52 x 4 ½) USD 7.92
Fiddle (54 x 6) USD 8.13
All cigars are 100% Nicaraguan tobacco and available in three different wrappers: Connecticut, Habano and Maduro.

The Oliveros Gran Retorno Connecticut will be released in late August 2020, followed by the Habano in October, and finishing off the line will be the Maduro in December.


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