Puffing Away in and Around Mainhatten

Frankfurt and the surrounding Rhine-Main Region – nowhere else in Germany is more eventful, international and burgeoning than here. Europe’s banking headquarters (since Brexit) is also the seat of the European Central Bank (ECB, since 1998) and the Deutsche Bundesbank. Frankfurt Airport (the fourth largest in Europe with over 70 million passengers in 2019) makes the city an international hub. Not least because of this, a multitude of globally trading German corporations are based here. In terms of transport geography, the Main River metropolis (2.5 million in habitants, or around 6 million in the entire Rhine-Main Region) is the center of Germany and Europe and is now not only known as a trade fair city but also for the successful football club Eintracht Frankfurt. 

In Hessen and in the directly neighboring Rhineland-Palatinate, very liberal laws still apply with regard to the protection of non-smokers, which means that smoking is permitted in closed ancillary rooms, in beer tents or premises that are smaller than 75 square meters (approx. 807 square feet), explicitly designated as smoking areas, and without major dining service. So there is a large number of lounges and bars where passionados can in dulge their pleasures. On week days, you are welcome everywhere, but if you want to enjoy your cigar in peace on the weekends, a visit to the somewhat quieter lounges in the hotels is recommended, because in the cocktail bars, the partying folk are more on the move. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is recommended to call ahead in advance to check whether a location is really open or whether there are any restrictions to avoid an unnecessary trip. 

Binger Straße 23
55131 Mainz
T: +49 6131 89 44 60

Opening hours:
daily 11am-1am 

Within walking distance of the Mainz main train station, this beautiful, spacious lounge in the young, hip and modern, stylishly designed hotel with large leather sofas, chairs and benches accommodates about 15 people. A small fireplace and the subtle lighting are most inviting, if it were not for the direct view of a main road. 

Karl-Weiser-Straße 1
55131 Mainz
T: +49 6131 80 150

Opening hours (wine bar):
Monday–Thursday 4pm-1am
Friday & Saturday 4pm-2am
Sunday 12pm-11pm
With outdoor area 

Situated just south of the city center, slightly above the confluence of the Main and Rhine rivers, this large, pleasant 4-star hotel houses a smoker’s corner next to the wine bar where you can enjoy a cigar undisturbed. The restaurant one floor higher offers a large and classic selection of drinks, should the wine bar not be open. 

Keppentaler Weg 10
55286 Wörrstadt
T: +49 6732 9130

Opening times:
Monday–Saturday from 5pm
With outdoor area 

Open since February 1, 2020, this cigar lounge is about 90 square meters (approx. 970 square feet) in size and is located next to the hotel in a new, large industrial area surrounded by wine-growing estates and was originally intended to be a disco – to which various installations still testify. But thanks to the loving work of the manager Reiner, who is also always available for a chat, the space has become a large, cozy cigar lounge with a good offering of cigars and matching spirits and drinks. The cigar lounge also serves as the “living room” of the Cigar Cult Club, which warmly welcomes every guest. 

Am Buchenring 6
55442 Stromberg
T: +49 6724 6000

Opening hours:
Monday–Sunday 6am-12am 

About 10 minutes by car from Bingen and the Rhine river, located at the gateway to the Hunsrück, this 4-star, superior country and golf hotel offers an 18-hole golf course and large spa area (including an outdoor pool), and a smokers’ lounge between the hotel entrance and reception. A great pleasure here is sitting on one of the eight seats along the wall or
on one of the stools or chairs around the fireplace, marveling at the cigar-smoking celebrity photos hanging on the walls, indulging in a good drink, happily provided by the extremely friendly and attentive wait staff, and a good cigar. 

Mainkai 7
60311 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 29 35 33

Opening hours:
Sunday–Thursday 9pm-1am Friday & Saturday 9pm-2am 

A red light on the first floor points the way to this small, dimly lit bar that is otherwise hard to find and is located directly on the Main River. The drinks selection is customarily classic for Frankfurt bars. Recommended is also a look at their very amusingly designed website. But also pay attention to the door policy! 

Kaiserstraße 12
60311 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 92 88 49 00

Opening hours:
Monday–Wednesday 5pm-1am Thursday 5pm-2am
Friday & Saturday 5pm-3am 

At the foot of the Commerzbank high rise and close to the Hauptwache, the Sullivan will impress the passionado with lounge and house music with large, long and well-stocked bars and countertops on two floors; a lot of space to linger, and a big drinks selection. 

Am Kaiserplatz / Bethmannstraße 33
60311 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 21 502
www.steigenberger.com/hotels/alle-hotels/ deutschland/frankfurt/steigenberger-frankfurter-hof 

Opening hours:
daily 6:30am-4am
With outdoor area 

This hotel houses a small, classic, nobly furnished lounge that seats around 15 people, serviced by the hotel bar, and also Cigarrum, the former Frankfurt contact point for cigar enjoyment, which is now no longer regularly open. It can be rented exclusively upon request from a minimum turnover of about EUR 6,000. 

Kleine Hochstraße 9
60313 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 209 77 955

Opening hours:
Monday–Thursday 10am-8pm Friday & Saturday 10am-11pm 

Somewhat hidden and located next to the opera district, this Casa del Habano, which is, according to Heinrich Villiger “the nicest Casa in Germany” (recorded on video at its opening), houses a brightly lit bar at the back of the shop, accessed via a staircase leading downstairs. Here, leaning on a piece of the old Frankfurt city wall, you can enjoy over 12,000 Cuban cigars, a rum from the Plantation flagship store or other drinks. A rich selection of cigar accessories rounds of the nice, large offering. 

Stiftstraße 6
60313 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 84 7765 72

Opening hours:
Monday–Thursday 11am-2am
Friday & Saturday 7pm-3am
With outdoor area 

If you are looking for the quiet before the storm (or afterwards) while shopping on the Zeil, the shopping street in Frankfurt, this beautiful, dark bar located in a side street, you are in the right place. Countless bar stools and seats grouped in fours invite you to linger with a cigar and a drink. To choose from are soft drinks and all kinds of coffee to spirits and cocktails. Or you can get advice from the friendly staff. 

Hochstraße 4
60313 Frankfurt am Main T: +49 69 133 802 480

Opening hours:
daily from 6pm to last call 

The bar next to the entrance of the Hilton Frankfurt City Centre hotel on the outskirts of the city center captivates with its long bar counter with around 20 bar stools and comfortable lounge furniture on which you can indulge the enjoyment of tasty bar creations and your cigar. 

Schillerstraße 4
60313 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 28 22 40

Opening hours:
Monday–Friday 9:30am–6:30pm Saturday 10am-5pm 

Situated in another side street from the Zeil (and Hauptwache) – watched by the bulls and bears of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange – this small and cozy lounge on the first floor, with lounge furniture in earthy brown and green tones, accommodating about 15 people, turns out to be another oasis of calm in downtown Frankfurt, typical for Davidoff. You will be warmly welcomed by the shop’s manager – he will have a little surprise on your first visit, which of course will not be revealed here! 

Kleine Hochstraße 20
60313 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 90 23 00 24

Opening hours:
Monday–Thursday 3pm-1am
Friday 3pm-2am, Saturday 7pm-2am 

The somewhat hidden pub-bar-lounge hybrid in a side alley of Freßgass (the inner-city party zone on weekends), with black walls, ceilings and subtle lighting welcomes a somewhat younger, hipper and louder crowd. The extensive bar menu invites you to linger; passionados can enjoy a cigar in the smoking area on the upper floor. 

Stiftstraße 34
60313 Frankfurt am Main T: +49 69 928 827 57

Opening hours:
Monday & Tuesday 6pm-2am Wednesday & Thursday 6pm-3am Friday & Saturday 6pm-4am
With outdoor area 

Stepping through the chain curtain at the entrance into this bar, which is not far from the Eschenheimer Tor and somewhat inconspicuous from the outside, you enter a room about 20 meters long (approx. 65 feet), that is divided into a bar of around 12 meters (approx. 40 feet) and many seats. The overall impression is enhanced by a mirror mounted at the head of the room. The attentive and friendly staff provides standard cocktails as well as the finest bar creations, which taste great with cigars. 

Friedberger Anlage 1–3
60314 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 176 630 375 31

Opening hours:
Thursday–Sunday 8pm-2am
With outdoor area 

If you would like to smoke a cigar after a Georgian meal, go from the first floor of the restaurant, painted white and light-blue, in the Zoo Passage in Frankfurt’s East End, to the dimly lit bar and cigar lounge on the ground floor, sit down in one of the armchairs with orange velvet covers and admire the walls decorated in Georgian tradition. The drinks on offer are of the usual standard. 

Sandweg 6
60316 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 490 83 695

Opening hours:
Sunday–Thursday 6pm-2am
Friday & Saturday 6pm-3am
With outdoor area 

Located directly at the Friedberger Anlage park at the beginning of the zoo quarter, the Sandbar also welcomes thirsty passionados with a large room in Bordeaux red-grey and comfortable seating – in the middle there is a semicircular counter in brown tones – friendly service, and a small but fine list of beverages. 

Sandweg 64
60316 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 40 56 22 44

Opening hours:
Tuesday–Thursday 6:30pm-1am Friday & Saturday 6:30pm-3am 

If you cannot go to Hamburg, the Hanseatic neighborhood is brought to you: the hybrid of soccer bar, living room and rock shed, which has existed since 2007, is always worth a visit. If you want to enjoy a cigar on one of the beautiful vintage sofas or seating arrangements with Nordic flair, this is the right place. A mixed and down-to-earth crowd is waiting for you. Just drop by, have fun and enjoy the evening! 

Rotlintstraße 28
60316 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 1520 880 1401

Opening hours:
Monday–Thursday 7pm-1am Friday & Saturday 7pm-3am Smoking from 10pm 

Located in a quieter corner of Frankfurt, but still not far from the city center, this large cocktail bar with the flair of a well-furnished living room welcomes you. You will simply want to sit down
in one of the numerous Chesterfield leather furniture pieces, enjoy your delicious drink – note their many house creations – and your cigar. The attentive barkeepers are always available for a chat and, on request, will also recommend drinks to go with a cigar. One of my two favorite cigar- friendly Frankfurt cocktail bars! 

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 40
60325 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 75 400

Opening hours:
Monday–Sunday 8pm-4am
Live piano music from 10pm 

Located opposite Messe Frankfurt – which makes the audience very international – the hotel bar in the basement of the original city residence of Prince Wolfgang of Hesse-Kassel is inviting, with subtle lighting, comfortable leather armchairs and dark wall-paneling. In a classic club atmosphere, passionados can choose from and enjoy a wide range of cigars as well as various cocktails, whiskies or champagne from the large bar menu. 

Taunusanlage 20
60325 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 4800 370

Opening hours:
Monday–Saturday 6pm-12am 

Due to its immediate surroundings, this dark smokers’ lounge with a small humidor next to the bar not only serves German bankers seeking after-work smoking and retreat options; other night owls will also gather here on the leather seats to enjoy life. 

Ludwigstraße 15
60327 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 24 23 98 07

Opening hours:
daily 8am-2am 

Located within walking distance between the main railway station and the trade fair center, this modern hotel is home to a large and well-stocked bar to the right of the entrance. The red-colored walls and armchairs made of light-colored, African-looking wood not only invite trade fair guests travelling by train to rest. 

Kaiserstraße 60 / 1. Stock / 1st floor 60329 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 36 70 76 00

Opening hours:
Thursday 6pm-12am
Friday & Saturday 8pm-2am 

When you enter the lounge through the notorious Bahnhofsviertel, you enter a different world: Latin American flair, peace and quiet, and subtle, subdued lighting. The comfortable lounge furniture that seats about 50 people, a small, well-stocked bar for cigar-accompanying drinks and cigars rolled on site or house-made cigars invite you to linger. 

Gutleutstraße 87, 60329 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 271 342 815

Opening hours:
Monday–Saturday 11am–4am, Sunday 11am-2a 

The Roomers Hotel, located between the main train station and the Museumsufer, combines quality, comfort and design for its guests, also in the award-winning bar with its burlesque charm. The cozy alcoves and subdued lighting accompany passionados during the day and also through the night. You can enjoy the lounge music and the barkeeper’s perfect drink creations here. 

Berger Straße 235, 60385 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 56 80 39 76 & +49 177 169 40 50

Opening hours:
Monday closed (during summer) Tuesday–Thursday 7pm-2am
Friday & Saturday 7pm-3am, Sunday 7pm-2am
With outdoor area

If you want to mingle with a younger party crowd and treat yourself to a cigar in addition to good drinks, this small, bright, L-shaped bar in the middle of Bornheim is just right for you, because you sit at the window or directly at the bar, undisturbed by any decorations. 

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel and Conference Center
Hugo-Eckener-Ring 15, Flughafen-Terminal 1 60549 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 69 77 12 47

Opening hours:
Monday–Friday 3pm-1am
Saturday, Sunday & holidays 5pm-1am 

With covered access from Terminal 1 of the airport and known as the largest meeting hotel in the Rhine-Main area with 60 conference rooms and over 1,000 rooms, this hotel is located right next to the sports bar and is home to a smokers’ lounge, now somewhat outdated, where the international audience (including many airline crews) can be observed with classic drinks and cigars selected from the small humidor. 

Walther-von-Cronberg-Platz 1
60594 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 66 401 4201

Opening hours:
daily 7pm-3am
Live music Tuesday–Saturday 10pm-2am

This large hotel bar, in which Cuban and Dominican cigars are offered for smoking from separate humidors – or you pay a cutting fee of EUR 10.00 for the cigars you bring with you – is impressive with its huge selection of cocktails, long drinks and spirits of all kinds, which are brought to the table by the very attentive and friendly service. Although very good, the live music unfortunately amplifies the noise level in the bar a little too much. 

Gerbermühlstraße 105 60594 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 689 777 90

Opening hours:
Monday–Saturday from 4pm Sunday from 2pm 

Located directly on the Main River, with a view of the Frankfurt skyline, this house, a flour mill in the 16th century and tannery in the 17th century, offers a small bar in the former mill tower, where you can enjoy a
cigar with many first-class drinks and let your thoughts wander through these walls steeped in history. Especially because it combines history, hospitality and unusual architecture for a smokers’ lounge, it is “my No. 1 hotel lounge in Frankfurt.” I enjoyed a barrel-aged White Negroni, which in its light fruitiness was a perfect match for a small, medium-bodied CigarKings Coronita Maduro. 

Klappergasse 35
60594 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 173 610 25 34

Opening hours:
Monday closed, Tuesday–Thursday 8pm-2am
Friday & Saturday 8pm-3am, Sunday 7pm-11pm 

Once you have found it, somewhat hidden in Frankfurt’s Bridge Quarter, a tourist corner with small alleys, Irish pubs, kebab shops and pubs, this lovingly furnished, well-equipped bar with a attention to the smallest detail and decoration scores points alongside interesting cocktails with friendly and competent service, alternative ambience and music (not typical bar or lounge music) and even space to dance at various music events. One of my two favorite cigar-friendly cocktail bars in Frankfurt! 

Schneckenhofstraße 8
60596 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 66 37 08 59

Opening hours:
Monday 8pm-1am, Tuesday–Thursday 8pm-2am Friday & Saturday 8pm-3am
With outdoor area 

This small, tube-shaped bar in the middle of Alt- Sachsenhausen offers the international audience a small humidor with 15 bar stools at the large counter, opposite along the mirrored wall and with lounge furniture in the next room, a lot of space. And the bartenders leave no wish unfulfilled with very interesting and delicious cocktail creations. 

Mörfelder Landstraße 235, 60598 Frankfurt am Main
T: +49 69 20 32 75 25

Opening hours:
Monday–Saturday 5pm-3am
With outdoor area 

The upscale Thai & Turf Steakhouse, located just outside Sachsenhausen-Süd, scores points with an ancillary, well-stocked smokers’ bar in the back of the restaurant with about 30 seats on lounge furniture and bar stools, a well-stocked humidor and a large outdoor area, which, however, faces two main streets. 

Falkensteiner Straße 28, 61462 Königstein im Taunus
T: +49 6174 99 83 42

Opening hours:
Monday–Saturday 7pm-2am 

In a large sports park with tennis and fitness facilities high above Frankfurt, this Italian combination of trattoria, restaurant and wine bar is home to a large smoking lounge where you can relax and indulge in smoking after physical exertion or after “escaping” from Frankfurt. But also take note of the numerous events on their website. 

Hainstraße 25, 61476 Kronberg im Taunus
T: +49 6173 70 101

Opening hours:
Sunday–Wednesday 6pm-12am Thursday–Saturday 6pm-2am 

In the very chic and venerable Schlosshotel behind historical walls in the middle of a large estate, this fine, classically furnished American bar with a well-stocked humidor, good upscale service, regular live piano music and international liquid delicacies (including 50 different whiskies) invites you to linger and enjoy. 

Graf-zu-Ysenburg-und-Büdingen-Platz 1 63263 Neu-Isenburg
T: +49 69 389 880

Opening hours:
daily 8am-1am 

A visit to this hotel, somewhat remotely located from Frankfurt, must be specifically intended
– and then you experience a large, Old English furnished smokers’ lounge adjacent to the hotel bar, which scores points for its large seating area and attentive service. This is also the home base for the monthly Frankfurt Smokers’ Night, which is happy to welcome any external guests. 

Heinheimer Straße 38, 64289 Darmstadt
T: +49 6151 97 17 96

Opening hours:
Tuesday–Sunday 5pm-1am, Sunday also 12pm–3pm
With outdoor area 

This Portuguese restaurant located in the middle of Darmstadt’s Martinsviertel district is home to a two-story bar furnished in pub style, which offers a huge selection of whisky, rum and gin in addition to cigars from a small humidor. 

Kaiser-Friedrich-Platz 3–4, 65183 Wiesbaden
T: +49 611 1330

Opening hours in summer: Sunday–Thursday 7pm-1am Friday & Saturday 7pm-2am
Opening hours in winter: Sunday & Monday 6pm-1am Tuesday–Saturday 6pm-2am 

The architecturally beautiful Hessian state capital of Wiesbaden, built mainly towards the end of the 19th century, has been home to the 5-star superior grand hotel, located directly opposite the spa house, spa park and casino, since 1813. The smokers’ bar, which accommodates around 40 people in addition to the “normal,” smoke-free hotel bar, impresses with its tranquility, an open fireplace, light, comfortable furniture, a chic ambience and good, upscale service. The bar menu is extensive and leaves nothing to be desired. 

Flachstraße 13 / Westcenter Wiesbaden 65197 Wiesbaden
T: +49 611 13 555 197

Opening hours:
Tuesday–Friday 11am–2:30pm & 5pm-10pm Saturday, Sunday & holidays 11am–11pm
With outdoor area 

On the upper parking deck of the somewhat outdated Westcenter Wiesbaden, which is located high above the city in a residential area of the satellite town of Klarenthal, the Enzianhütte, a restaurant in Bavarian wooden hut style and with original Bavarian cuisine, invites cigar-lovers into the adjoining room with Chesterfield furniture seating about 20 people and very attentive staff, which lets nobody die of thirst, to an “after-cigar.” A cigar club also meets here every month and is happy to welcome guests. 

Georgenthal 1, 65329 Hohenstein
T: +49 6128 9430

Opening hours:
Monday–Sunday 8am–10pm or last call
With outdoor area 

In this old country estate, founded in 1692 as a tithe barn, located about 10 kilometers north of Wiesbaden, which has been home to a 4-star superior hotel since 2000, there is a large spa area, an 18-hole golf course, a winter garden facing the inner courtyard and a smoking lounge attached to the restaurant. Due to the large window front, the room is bright and can accommodate about 20 people. It also has a small but well-stocked humidor. The reception is familiar; the friendly service leaves nothing to be desired. 

Lise-Meitner-Straße 6, 65428 Rüsselsheim am Main
T: +49 6142 79 33 222

Opening hours:
Monday–Thursday 11:30am–12am
Friday 11:30am-1am, Saturday 5:30pm-1am Sunday 11am-12am
With outdoor area 

Located directly at the motorway exit in a small industrial area, this American diner invites you to enjoy burgers, steaks and BBQ in all variations as well as the smoking section. The furnishings in the restaurant and lounge are typical for American diners: colorful neon lights, red-leather benches and seats, dining areas and televisions on the walls.


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