Autumn Edition 2012 – Women in the Cigar Industry

cigar-journal-autumn-2012-cover-cigar-women The title story of the 2012 Autumn issue focuses on the women in the cigar trade. Manufacturers, experts and marketing specialists – our portraits show that the world of cigars has long ceased to be a male bastion.

In Collectors’ Corner, Colin Ganley writes about his comparison tasting of the Cuban Ediciónes Limitadas released to date, while Habanos expert Simon Chase surveys the last decade of Cuban cigars. In Habanos Corner, we tell the history of the Fonseca brand and its extravagant founder Francisco E. Fonseca, and we investigate the cigar scene in Madeira and the German state of Rhineland Palatinate. The 225th and the 125th anniversaries of JJ Fox and Gurkhas respectively are the occasion for a retrospective.

If you missed this edition, you can order a back-issue.

The following is an overview of the contents of the 3/2012 edition.

Cigar News
New Cigar Releases in 2012
Smoky Spirits
Tasting: 45 Cigars
The Women in the Cigar Industry
The New Face of Dunhill Aged
Reposo Humidors
Savoring Cigars Aboard the Deutschland
The First 225 Years of JJ Fox
Humidor Corner: Who or What ist to Blame?
Cigar Trophy 2012: The Winners
Vintage Tasting: Old Cigars and Old Wine
Tasting Ediciónes Limitadas of the Past Decade
Fake Cigars and Fake Wines
Partagás el Libro: Love for Detail
Cooking & Cigars: Tomatoes and Tobacco
The Long View: An Exhilarating Decade From Habanos
Tobacco Corner: The Art of Growing Tobacco
Anniversary: Gurkha’s Warrior Spirit after 125 Years
The Empire oft the Campañero Phoenicio
Fonseca’s Factory: Cigares de luxe
Tobacco & Arts: Ramyro Lemminga
Travel Corner Madeira – Scents & Aromas
Shops & Lounges in Rheinland-Pfalz



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