Ninth Puro Sabor Festival Starts March 15, 2021 … Online

The Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco announced the start of the International Cigar Festival Puro Sabor on March 15th, in a virtual format. The festival will feature almost a dozen free sessions with experts and manufacturers of prestigious Nicaraguan brands.

The premium tobacco industry is not resting. Neither the pandemic nor two strong cyclones could prevent the celebration of a new edition of the prestigious international cigar festival Puro Sabor. The great novelty this year is that it will be adapted to a virtual format and will be presented by Light ’em Up World, a European-based, digital platform, leader in the cigar industry.

“The Nicaraguan cigar industry is once again opening the doors of its factories, but this time in an innovative digital format. Visitors will be able to virtually join Nicaragua’s most important tobacco producers and cigar manufacturers,” explained Claudio Sgroi, president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco (CNT).

“2021 requires innovative concepts and new ways of thinking. With Light ’em Up World, a digital content platform for the modern cigar aficionado, Puro Sabor found an ideal partner to launch and host the Virtual Nicaraguan Cigar Festival,” Sgroi added.

Starting on March 15th, CNT will hold master classes, panel discussions and round tables with experts and manufacturers of the most prestigious Nicaraguan brands, all free of charge. The topics to be addressed during the festival, which will be broadcasted live on a weekly schedule, will be the following:

  • Introductory Episode
  • The Value and Economic Importance of the Industry in Nicaragua
  • Harvest and Pre-industry
  • Blending and Tasting
  • Cigar Production, Major Manufacturers
  • Cigar Production, “Big” Small Manufacturers
  • Marketing
  • Why Are We Number 1 in all the rankings
  • Technology and Innovation in the Cigar Industry
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Q&A with panel of tobacco producers  

Inspirational panels and live master classes will be presented by Nicaragua’s leading tobacco producers and cigar manufacturers. All sessions will be moderated and hosted by Mr. Reinhard Pohorec of Light ’em Up World and Mr. Ra’ed Saqfelhait of The Leaf Master Dubai. Founded by Reinhard Pohorec, Light ’em Up World has gained a significant following and an excellent reputation in the cigar community. For this, it has been awarded the Cigar Trophy Award as “Ambassador” by Cigar Journal.

To register for free, please access the official website for this festival where you will also find the schedule of all the expert talks, revealing interviews and pure passion for cigars.

About CNT and Light ‘em Up World

The Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco is an organization created in 2008 that represents the interests of the most important tobacco and cigar producers in Nicaragua. Its 25 members represent 95% of the total national tobacco and cigar production. In the last decade, Nicaragua has stood out as one of the largest producers of tobacco and cigars in the world. Different brands manufactured in Nicaragua have been recognized by magazines and experts as the best in the world.

The Light ’em Up Lounge was launched in March 2020. Since then, more than 80 live sessions have brought together passionate cigar lovers from around the world.


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