New H.Upmann Connossieur B LCDH & SP As A National Preview

In the splendid setting of the Gina restaurant in Porto Romano (Fiumicino), the Brotherhood of SigariAvana.it & the Tabaccheria Palombini, in collaboration with Diadema S.p.A. and in the presence of 115 guests, they presented the new H.Upmann Connossieur B LCDH & SP as a national preview.

The evening opened in the beautiful garden of the restaurant with a Half Corona by H.Upmann in combination with Monogram bubbles and, later, a fish dinner was served with the wines from the Casale del Giglio winery.

Subsequently we reached the highlight of the evening, where Miguel Angel Eusa Mendia Vice President of Diadema S.p.A. and Stefano Minoia Sales Manager of Diadema S.p.A. illustrated the news in the national preview and the smoke was combined with the bourbon Wild Turkey Rare.

Congratulations to Luca Pezzini for the beautiful evening, as always he did not disappoint the expectations of those present.

Nicola Di Nunzio has been both a great lover and a passionate collector of Cuban cigars and memorabilia since the Noughties. He writes for Cigar Journal as well as the Italian magazine SIGARI!. Nicola is a member of the Puromotivo Torino Cigar Club, active as both secretary and treasurer. In addition, since 2011, he has been board secretary for the Cigar Club Association (CCA) in Italy. He is the main person responsible on the CCA panel, coordinates the editorial team of SIGARI!, and is, furthermore, panelist for Cigar Sense. Currently, Nicola works for Cigar Must Lugano and the magazine LiveIn.


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