Les Fines Lames Releases The Damasteel Björksman Twist LE PETIT

The first traces of Damascus like steel can be traced back in India, 2,000 years ago under the name of “Wootz”. These mesmerizing blades were reserved only for the elite, as it required considerable skill to produce it. Weapons and other items made with this noble technic gained popularity in the 3rd or 4th century in the city of Damascus, Syria. A city that popularized the Damascus steel and made it their own. 

Unfortunately, this ancient style of Damascus steel is now lost. The techniques and knowledge vanished sometimes in the 1700’s for unknown reasons. 

LE PETIT DAMASTEEL® BJÖRKSMAN TWIST is proposed in 3 differents models, with the PADAUK, ZIRICOTE and KINGWOOD LE PETIT. 

These new cigar knives are available everywhere in the world through lesfineslames.com. 

MSRP: From $389 


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