Virtual Herf China

First Virtual Herf for China

End of July the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Cigar hosted a virtual tasting event and live webcast featuring Tabacalera SLU and Cigar Journal. The event brought together Chinese cigar smokers and gave them a chance to learn more about the Great Wall Cigar Spectacular series (No.3 and No.1) which are jointly developed by Great Wall Cigar and Tabacalera SLU. The event was webcasted live and attracted more than 100.000 people. Cigar enthusiasts had the chance to get Great Wall cigars and accessories. Three guests won exquisite prizes by participating in the long-ash contest, and twenty lucky participants received a tasting pack of Great Wall Cigar Spectacular No.1.

Antonio Calabria, International Marketing & Business Development Manager of Premium Cigars Tabacalera SLU introduced the characteristics of the Spectacular series, as well as the main guidelines of the cooperation between Tabacalera SLU and Great Wall Cigar. Reinhold C. Widmayer of Cigar Journal, introduced the magazine to the audience, talked about how the magazine’s blind tasting works and spoke about his tasting experience with Chinese cigars.

In recent years, more and more consumers in China have paid attention to premium cigars. This year, China’s domestic cigar industry has ushered in a historic growth. As a leading brand in China, Great Wall premium cigars have grown by more than 100% in the first half of this year compared to 2019 in sales.


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