Ferio Tego LLC Acquires Brands of Nat Sherman

Michael Herklots, former Vice President of Nat Sherman International, LLC and Brendon Scott, former Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Nat Sherman, LLC have established Ferio Tego, LLC a premium cigar and accessories distribution company. Ferio Tego will also be the company’s flagship brand of premium cigars to be initially offered in limited productions. Additionally, Ferio Tego, LLC has acquired the brands formerly owned and distributed by Nat Sherman International, LLC and their respective intellectual property. The brands include Timeless, Metropolitan, Epoca and Ancora among others.

“Having spent the last nine years developing and building these iconic brands, I am excited to be able to continue that work with Brendon.” said Michael Herklots. “I’m proud of the way we were able to balance the need to maintain consistency with core products, while continuing to innovate with new offerings. Ferio Tego will continue that commitment far into the future.”

“We are grateful to Altria for working with us to find a path forward for these brands. I am extremely excited to work with Michael and our manufacturing partners to continue the legacy of these brands built by so many people over many decades. We are eager to bring our products back into the humidors of retailers and consumers.”, added Brendon Scott.

“Michael and Brendon have made valuable contributions to Altria since joining in 2017. They are great brand stewards, and we wish them well in their journey,” said Jessica Pierucki, Managing Director, Altria Group Distribution Company and former General Manager, Nat Sherman International.

“Ferio Tego” is the Herklots Family motto, which sits just below the shield on the Herklots Family coat of arms, which dates to 1641. The coat of arms features an image of Hercules striking a Hydra within the crest’s shield which will serve as the company logo.

Ferio Tego cigars are expected to be released in spring of 2021. The acquired brands are expected to return to market by summer of 2021, starting with Timeless and Metropolitan. The manufacturers of the acquired brands will remain the same, and the blends will be unchanged.

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