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Carrillo Inch Ringmaster Cigar

Unique Inch Ringmaster Size for European Consumers Introduced

E.P. Carrillo came to the InterTabac trade show in Dortmund with an extension of his famous Inch line. The addition is called Ringmaster and for six months, international smokers get to enjoy one of three sizes exclusively before they’re released in the US as well.

“Of course it depends on the demand, but that’s the plan,” founder Ernesto Perez-Carrillo says. With Inch Ringmaster, he continues his tradition of big ring gauges in a new blend. The European release is a 64 x 4 3/8 cigar. Two sizes have already been launched on the US market, 64 x 5 3/8 and 64 x 6 ½.

“I wanted something completely different, so the Ringmaster is medium and three quarters. It’s all Nicaraguan tobacco with a Habano wrapper from Jalapa. It’s distinctly spicy and peppery in the nose with nutty aromas, creaminess and some spice to the palate.”

The Ringmaster No 4, which is its full name, will go for about EUR 10-11,-, and it’s already been picked up in France, England, Switzerland, Austria and Malaysia.

“We hope to have it available all over Europe,” Carrillo concludes.


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