The Legacy of Trinidad: by Kirby Allison

In celebration of the 55th anniversary of Trinidad, renowned journalist Kirby Allison has released a two-part documentary exploring the rich history and fascinating stories surrounding one of Cuba’s most revered cigar brands.

Working in collaboration with Habanos sa and Hunters & Frankau has provided Allison with unprecedented access. He has conducted interviews with industry legends, as well as personal conversations with many of the individuals directly involved in the creation of Trinidad. This has allowed him to create a documentary that provides a unique insight into the secrets – and mystique – of this brand.

The documentaries include an exclusive visit to the factory where all Trinidad cigars are rolled, providing a firsthand look at the passion and dedication of the elite, highly dedicated team of artisans who famously roll each cigar „totalmente a mano.“

From field to factory, each step of the journey is explored and explained, with many facts and anecdotes being shared here for the first time. Whether a seasoned passionado or a curious newcomer, ‚The Legacy of Trinidad‘ offers a rare glimpse into a world where cigar making is not just a skill but an art form, and a way of life.

The Legacy of Trinidad is available to watch via Allison’s YouTube channel here. 

Kirby Alison is the owner and presenter of the Kirby Allison YouTube channel (with over 750,000 subscribers).  In 2017, he established his eponymous YouTube channel dedicated to exploring the world of craftsmanship luxury and tradition. This naturally led him to the world of Habanos where he has created a series of videos and interviews exploring the world of handmade Havana cigars. 


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