Strike the Box Pipes and Cigars

Rolling Northwest on Interstate 90 out of Chicago leads you to the smaller, yet robust city of Rockford, Illinois. In a small suburb of Rockford you can find the village of New Milford where one can find Strike the Box Pipes and Cigars. The dream and love child of Alan and Jean Carlson, Strike the Box offers a wonderfully quaint environment in which one can enjoy their pipe or cigar.

The humidor is a perfect division between bigger brands and boutique brands. The patrons who enter and desire a smoky treat will easily find some of the well known brands they desire as well as some adventurous new lines that will delight their palate!  Feel free to sit in one of the comfortable leather chairs or the couch and take a load off while you reach smoking nirvana.

If you’re driving from Chicago to Madison, Wisconsin or vice versa, or if you’re just crossing the country on Interstate 90, a trip to Strike the Box is well worth it. Enjoy some great camaraderie with some great people and grab some sticks for the road. Even though you might be surrounded with firemen while you are there, no one will ever accuse you of arson when you light up your Nicaraguan or Dominican tobacco. Instead of pouring water on your fire, they will probably pour some whiskey in a glass and light up as well!

Strike the Box Pipes and Cigars
6935 11th St. Ste 8
Rockford, IL 61109
(815) 362-4427

Cigars available: yes
Alcohol available: no
Food available: no

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