Nicaraguan Cigar Festival Puro Sabor 2018

Nicaraguan Cigar Festival Postponed Indefinitely

The Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco has issued an official statement regarding the next Puro Sabor Cigar Festival originally scheduled for January 2019. The country has faced political unrest over the course of the past months with no end to the conflict in sight. Below, you’ll find the Tobacco Chambers statement in full.


Dear Cigar Enthusiasts, Partners and Friends:
Since 2008, we’ve come together at the Nicaraguan Cigar Festival ‚Puro Sabor‘ to celebrate the success of our tobacco and cigars, and to pay tribute to our workers and the land that has given us so many blessings: Nicaragua. In the past seven editions of ‚Puro Sabor‘, many of you have enjoyed the richness of our culture and heritage, and have deeply connected with our people. Our intention has always been to make sure that you keep coming back for more!
With a heavy heart, we announce that the 8th Edition of ‚Puro Sabor‘, originally set for January 2019, is postponed for reasons beyond our control. New dates for the festival will be announced in due time. In turn, we will continue to celebrate our industry in a special event to be held on January 26th 2019, in Miami, Florida, with all our members and partners. The specific details surrounding this event will be published soon.
In the meantime, our companies continue to honor the strong commitment of producing the best quality cigars in the world, and delivering a unique smoking experience, while contributing to the wellbeing of Nicaragua and its people.
The Members of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco


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