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Leonardtown Cigars | Cigarfriendly: Leonardtown, MD

Taking a page from the Old Havana district of Cuba with its bright, fluorescent colors, craft cocktails, and premium cigars, Leonardtown Cigars is one of the latest examples of the Leonardtown, Maryland commercial renaissance.

With what appears to be a normal storefront from the outside, entrants quickly realize they’ve entered a festive, premium cigar destination once inside their doors. The upbeat music pumping through the speakers automatically moves you to dance a little on the way to the 600 square-foot walk-in humidor. After making your cigar selection, the bar area summons you as it features over 30 beers on tap and over 150 liquors for mixologists to craft your perfect pairing. And for a final touch of Cuban ambiance…a ’56 Dodge de Soto sitting in the spacious lounge area surrounded by humidified lockers. The Leonardtown Cigars atmosphere is carved from the pages of a travel magazine.

Owned and operated by Jeff Lustig and his wife Jacki (former owners of Tinderbox in Waldorf, MD), Leonardtown Cigars hosts an inclusive, South Floridian, party-like environment with a vibrant vibe, not just a loud gathering. They are confident in their offerings as the staff boasts that they  “have a cigar and/or drink for everyone that visits.”

Leonardtown, MD is a military town as it is the home of the Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy. Because many of their members are gone for months at a time for active duty, the staff maintains their lockers (120 for them for members), ensuring consistent humidity, rotating their cigars and providing them access to special releases that may have come out while they’re were away on assignment. First responders, active and retired military also receive discounts on cigar purchases.

Leonardtown Cigars

Address & Contact Details:
40955 Merchants Lane #14, Leonardtown, MD 20650
(240) 309-4108
[email protected]


Offers cigars:                           Yes

Offers alcoholic beverages:  Yes

Offers food:                             No

Seating:                                   50

Membership:                          Yes; $149 per year


Justin Harris ist in den USA zertifizierter Consumer Tobacconist und professioneller Zigarrenblogger, der seine Liebe zur Zigarre 2003 entdeckte. Seine Webseite CigarInsight.com initiierte er, um für neue sowie erfahrene Raucher über Zigarren zu berichten. Genau diese Serviceorientierung ermöglichte es ihm, Beziehungen sowohl zu Zigarrenherstellern als auch zu Konsumenten gleichermaßen aufzubauen. Justin ist Mitglied der IPCPR und des Interessenverbandes Cigar Rights of America, wo er als Ambassador für den Bundesstaat Tennessee tätig ist. Ob durch Social Media oder Face-to-Face in Zigarrenlounges: Justin hat sich der beständigen Förderung von Zigarren und der Erfahrungen, die sie bringen, verschrieben.


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