José Blanco, The Professor: Spain Tour 2023

José Blanco, Worldwide Brand Ambassador for Arturo Fuente, has travelled to almost twenty cities in Spain where he has visited tobacconists, met dozens of passionados and given eight tasting seminars with Hemingway Short Story and Magnum Rosado 52. His trainings go through the processes of making a premium cigar and the art of blending, the immeasurable value of time, how the wrapper affects a cigar blend and the factors that are potentially influencing the strength, among other topics. This Spain Tour 2023 was organised by LCT- La Casa del Tabaco, the Spanish premium cigar distribution company, and Arturo Fuente Cigars. 

Popularly known as The Professor, José Blanco is a cigar expert with more than 50 years of experience in the tobacco business. Few other cigar business professionals have contributed their knowledge and expertise to both the industry and cigar smokers themselves to the extent that José Blanco has. He’s absolutely passionate about educating cigar smokers of every stripe. In every workshop, José Blanco, the New York-born Dominican industry veteran, highlights how important is to educate not only consumers, but also retailers, in order to enhance the value of the tobacco culture and enjoy the best experiences that premium cigars can give. 

In 2021, Arturo Fuente Cigars announced its alliance with LCT for the distribution of its cigars in Spain, a successful union that has led the Dominican brand to become one of the most popular among the community of premium cigar lovers in the country. 




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