E squared cigar lounger

E2 | E Squared Cigar Lounge | Cigar Friendly: Wilmington, DE

Former banking professional and amateur motorcycle racer Omar Hargis was a regular patron of cigar brick and mortars in the Wilmington, Delware area until a motorcycle wreck sidelined him for 10 months. “Sitting on your deck with a broken leg enjoying cigars…you have a lot of time to think,” says Hargis. Healing up and returning to corporate America, he quickly realized that it was time to flex his entrepreneurial muscle, build a shop of his own, and create a legacy that could be passed on to his children and his children’s children.

E squared cigar lounger

Photo: Justin Harris

E2 or E Squared, named for his two daughters, Empress and Ebony, became the first African-American-owned premium cigar shop and lounge in the state of Delaware. Opening in April of 2018, Hargis admits that it was a scary venture, but once he gained buy-in from his family and saw the support of the community, he knew that he made the right decision to step out on his own.

The Hargis’ dream of owning a cigar lounge in the city came to fruition by building relationships and being active in the community. “I believe that reciprocity is the key to relationships and building a committed clientele,” says Hargis. We don’t just appreciate our patron’s and local organization’s support, we make it a priority to support their events and businesses as well. This dedication to local business is shown every 1st Friday of the month as E Squared hosts a “Networking 1st Friday” event, where the music stops and patrons pass the microphone around sharing information about their businesses, products, and services. Hargis states “We can’t support one another if we don’t know what you do and what services you offer. This way all of patrons and members are building one another up and the whole community succeeds.”

E squared cigar lounge

Photo: Justin Harris

With seating for approximately 50, a fully stocked bar (only the 2nd cigar lounge in the state with a bar), and wall of display humidors, E2 draws support from and has memberships from residents of not only Delaware, but neighboring Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.


E2 / E Squared Cigar Lounge

3616 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, Delaware 19808

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @esquaredcigars
Instagram: @equaredcigar

Offers cigars: Yes
Offers alcoholic beverages: Yes
Offers food: No
Seating: Approximately 50


Justin Harris ist in den USA zertifizierter Consumer Tobacconist und professioneller Zigarrenblogger, der seine Liebe zur Zigarre 2003 entdeckte. Seine Webseite CigarInsight.com initiierte er, um für neue sowie erfahrene Raucher über Zigarren zu berichten. Genau diese Serviceorientierung ermöglichte es ihm, Beziehungen sowohl zu Zigarrenherstellern als auch zu Konsumenten gleichermaßen aufzubauen. Justin ist Mitglied der IPCPR und des Interessenverbandes Cigar Rights of America, wo er als Ambassador für den Bundesstaat Tennessee tätig ist. Ob durch Social Media oder Face-to-Face in Zigarrenlounges: Justin hat sich der beständigen Förderung von Zigarren und der Erfahrungen, die sie bringen, verschrieben.


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