Cuban Cigar Website (CCW) is Going to China

Following up on our April 2021 article “The gift that keeps on giving” where we interviewed Alex Groom, the Australian curator of the most comprehensive Cuban cigar database in the world, we are now pleased to announce to our friends and readers that starting on Monday July 12th 2021, Cuban Cigar Website (CCW) will be available in Chinese.   In order to satisfy the ever-increasing appetite for Cuban cigars in China, the entire database has been translated into both simplified and traditional Chinese.  All translations were done voluntarily by Patrick Chan, a Hong Kong based CCW user and friend of Alex.

Original English site:

Simplified Chinese: 世上最优古巴雪茄资料网站 | 本网站 (

Traditional Chinese: 世上最優古巴雪茄資料網站 | 本網站 ( 

As we all know, China overtook Spain to become the largest single market for Cuban cigars in 2020, and as far as we know, there isn’t any other website in Chinese that catalogues Cuban cigars in the way Alex Grom has done it.  We have no doubt that this launch will surely add to the great boom in the Chinese cigar community.  A word of caution to Alex: We hope you have the capacity to deal with a new few million users!!  

Jorge Tapies is a passionate cigar smoker for over 20 years who enjoys visiting a tobacco farm or factory as well as spending time with friends at a cigar lounge anywhere in the world over a glass of aged rum. Jorge holds the Tobacconist University Certified Consumer Tobacconist as well as the International Association of Cigar Sommeliers' Cigar Ambassador certifications and is an avid reader and book collector on anything cigar and tobacco related. Jorge is a regular contributor and ambassador for Cigar Journal, especially in Spanish speaking countries. He is also member of Cigar Journal’s tasting panel since 2012.


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