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Ambassador Cigars and Spirits | Cigar Friendly, Troy (MI)

Just North of Detroit lies the township of Troy.  In Troy, right off of I-75 the cigar lover is treated to the palace that is Ambassador Cigars and Spirits.  Owner Jeff Desandre has created an all-inclusive cigar experience that is hard to beat!  In addition to having a beautiful humidor, there are five certified tobacconists at your service!  Jeff, Sean, Heather, Allison or Nathan are available to answer any questions that you may have in selecting your cigar.

There are so many dimensions to this lounge that we need the entirety of this article to name them all.  There is a full kitchen that offers many gastronomical delights from a charcuterie board, to great wings and a stellar Cuban sandwich, which is a rarity in Michigan!  There is also a fully stocked bar complete with every spirit your heart desires as well as 12 beers on tap and a nice list of wines.  A cappuccino machine is also on the premises for all of your espresso desires.

There is a locker membership of $250 a month, but the patron receives a $250 credit that month to spend on food, drinks or cigars that same month.  If you do not spend it that month, the credit rolls over to the month.  There is also a members only lounge and a billiard room which is available to everyone.  Last but not least you can spend a beautiful summer or fall day on the patio outside and enjoy the warmer days as you enjoy your cigar, drink or meal or perhaps all three at this wonderful one-stop shopping center for all of your palatal delights!

Ambassador Cigars and Spirits
3614 Rochester Rd.
Troy, MI 48083
(248) 250-9716


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