CSWC in Thailand

Whether it’s the Cigar Smoking World Championship qualifier or the Long Ash competition bringing the Thai cigar community together, it always comes down to a battle between two other nationalities. 

This year, however, the British, having only one representative, had to bring in “outside” help from Thailand, as well as Malaysia, Russia, the Netherlands and Australia to fill up a respectable roster. At the same time the French arrived at the cozy Churchill’s Cigar Bar in Old Town Phuket dressed in team shirts with the colors red, white and blue on their sleeves. Thus, the outcome was less than surprising when Alex Meunier from the French side defended his title. Last year a surprising newcomer, this year a seasoned veteran, he improved his time by six minutes, smoking for 1 hour 26 minutes and 34 seconds. 

He was the only French in the top three, though. Yet, the Brit was nowhere to be seen, but if anyone knows how good it is to have allies, it’s Great Britain. Serge from Russia claimed second place and Jason Beavan from Australia ended up in third. 

A special prize was awarded the first person, who shall remain nameless, to be eliminated in the competition. He or she got to take home a statue of a face smoking a cigar.  

1.     Alex Meunier 1:26:34
2.     Serge 1:16:32
3.     Jason Beavan 1:04:22

Since graduating with an engineering degree in surveying in 2005, Simon Lundh has preferred to follow a profession in journalism. He stumbled upon the cigar world while working for a non-governmental organization in Estelí, Nicaragua, and is now mainly making a living writing about cigars, metal music, tattoos, and travel.


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