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Cigarro - Shop und Lounge Warschau

Cigarro – Cigar Shop & Lounge | Cigar Friendly: Warsaw, Poland

In the centre of Warsaw, just a stone’s throw from Marriott Hotel, there is a new Cigar Shop including an inviting lounge. Here the style of modern and classic is combined, which is characterized by modern elements in harmonious combination with the original bricks on the walls of 1897 and Italian leather seats. In what is currently Poland’s largest walk-in humidor, a selection of 50 different brands with 400 formats, series and lines awaits customers. In the top ventilated lounge area there are no limits to the combination possibilities with cigars and corresponding drinks.


Cigarro - Cigar Shop & Lounge in Warschau

Photo: Cigarro – Cigar Shop & Lounge

Cigarro – Cigar Shop & Lounge, Warschau

Al. Jerozolimskie 61,00-697 Warsaw, Poland
Tel. :+48 668 834 688
Email: [email protected]

Offers cigars: Yes
Offers alcoholic beverages: Yes
Offers food: Yes
Seating: approx. 30
Smoking indoors/outdoors: indoors


In 2003, Jens Tausch introduced the hybrid format of reviewing beverages and cigars to German-language media through his articles in Cigar Journal. Since 2002, he has been leading seminars, events, and tastings that focus on spirits and/or cigars. With his business partner, Jens Tausch is also an organizer of the consumer trade show, Whisky & Tobacco Days.


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