Franca Comparetto: Founder of Cigar Sense receives Cigar Trophy Award

Cigar Sense Awarded Cigar Ambassador Trophy 2017

Each year with its Cigar Trophy Awards, Cigar Journal honors the great knowledge, dedication and hard work of those working in the cigar industry. Deciding which cigars, accessories and lounges should be acclaimed the best of the year, however, does not fall to a jury, but to the most important actors in the branch, the consumers.

The award winners were determined in a two-stage process. During the nomination phase, the public selected possible candidates in the various categories. The resulting shortlist was then voted on. We are delighted about the continued strong growth of our readers’ interest in participating in this decision-making process.

Four categories of the 17th Cigar Trophy Awards were not voted on by the public: Charity & Community, Ambassador, Outstanding Art, as well as the Lifetime Achievement award, the distinction for life’s work.

Ambassador 2017: Cigar Sense Inc.

The Ambassador award, the distinction awarded for special services in the promotion of cigar culture, conferred by the Cigar Journal jury, this year went to the online service Cigar Sense. The enterprise is a start-up founded in 2015 and headquartered in California. Initiated by Franca Comparetto and David Wells, the goal of the platform is to significantly simplify cigar smokers’ search for cigars that fit their own individual taste profile – and with resounding success!

Cigar Sense achieved this masterstroke through a comprehensive database that analyzes the aroma of innumerable cigars in detail, and then provides suggestions to users on new cigars similar to the ones that suit their preferences. Through being used, the tool learns to deliver more and more concrete suggestions and is constantly being expanded by new cigars analyzed in blind tastings.

Cigar Trophy Awards 2017

Follow this link for more information about the 2017 Cigar Trophy Awards.


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