Casdagli Cigars makes a debut in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Casdagli Cigars will be distributed exclusively by Lampert Cigars. Lampert Cigars like Casdagli is a premium boutique cigar brand founded by the attorney Dr. Stefan Lampert.

Both brands produce a selection of their cigars in the same factory in Costa Rica. As a Liechtenstein based company Lampert Cigars also distributes cigars in its home country and Switzerland.

“It has been a great pleasure getting to know Stefan Lampert over the last 12 months. Our joint distributor, Vlada Stojanov, has been assisting Lampert Cigars in the very competitive US market, where it has been so well received. One can now also find Lampert Cigars in our D’Boiss Bespoke Cigar Lounge in Estonia. So it was a small step for Stefan to offer to distribute our Casdagli brand in his Swiss market. We are proud that both our boutique brands now sit side by side on both sides of the Atlantic, ” says Jeremy Casdagli, the Owner of Casdagli Cigars.

“I am very excited to distribute Casdagli Cigars in Liechtenstein and Switzerland,” adds Dr Stefan Lampert, the owner of Lampert Cigars. The first shipment of Casdagli Cigars has already arrived and has been sent to several stores and lounges in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Lampert Cigarswill start by distributing a selection of the Traditional, Club Mareva and Cabinet Selection lines.

Casdagli Cigars is currently in available in over 20 European countries.


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