Blend Bar Indianapolist: Best Cigar Lounge 2017

Best Cigar Lounge 2017: Blend Bar With Davidoff Cigars

Each year with its Cigar Trophy Awards, Cigar Journal honors the great knowledge, dedication and hard work of those working in the cigar industry. Deciding which cigars, accessories and lounges should be acclaimed the best of the year, however, does not fall to a jury, but to the most important actors in the branch, the consumers.

The award winners were determined in a two-stage process. During the nomination phase, the public selected possible candidates in the various categories. The resulting shortlist was then voted on. We are delighted about the continued strong growth of our readers’ interest in participating in this decision-making process.

Best Cigar Lounge 2017: Blend Bar With Davidoff Cigars, Indianapolis

Winning the category of Best Cigar lounge, one of the most competitive Cigar Trophy awards of the year, is the Blend Bar with Davidoff Cigars, located in Indianapolis, US. In the finale, the first location of the lounge concept, which in the meantime exists in four american cities, was up against Cohiba Atmosphere Bangkok and three European candidates.

The bar was among the 2015 nominations in the category, but had to concede to the Bulgari lounge in London. Blend Bar places importance on a pleasant atmosphere with high-quality fittings and features, excellent service, and an extensive selection of spirits, wine, and cocktails. Guests can enjoy a large selection of cigars in the spacious walk-in humidor.

Nominations Best Cigar Lounge 2017

Blend Bar with Davidoff Cigars, Indianapolis
Cigar Club Mareva, Split, Croatia
Cohiba Atmosphere, Bangkok, Thailand
La Casa del Habano Almere, Netherlands
Mellgren’s, Gothenburg, Sweden

Cigar Trophy Awards 2017

Follow this link for more information about the 2017 Cigar Trophy Awards.


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