AÑO DEL CONEJO 2023 – Limited Edition

A tribute to the great Mayan ruler 18 Conejo (18 Rabbit).

In 2018, Maya Selva Cigars began releasing special edition cigars to celebrate the Chinese New Year while at the same time paying tribute to the ancient Mayan culture, which once inhabited western Honduras in the majestic city of Copan. In both Chinese and Mayan cultures, animals, their symbolism and iconography, play a crucial role in spirituality. The ancient Maya believed that we each have a “nahual” — an animal spirit that guides us through life. Each of Maya Selva Cigars special edition boxes are decorated with a design that combines traditional Chinese patterns and Mayan hieroglyphics.

The newest limited edition celebrates 18 Rabbit, the 13th ruler of Copan. Based on the number of structures and monuments built during his reign, he is considered the greatest patron of the arts in the history of Copan. The sheer number of sculptures commissioned by 18 Rabbit is a remarkable achievement in the Classic Mayan Era. He ruled from 695 to 738.

The new and special blend is a tribute to the hand-crafted cigar tradition. The tobacco in a Corona-sized cigar AÑO DEL CONEJO is handpicked in the renowned valley of Jamastrán in Honduras.




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