ACE PRIME creates Foundation to Help Cigar Workers in Nicaragua

ACE Prime has announced that it will establish the ACE Prime foundation. 

Within the cigar industry, Jalapa, Nicaragua, is well-known for its tobacco. 

While the region’s economy evolved, growing from a subsistence livelihood to commercial-scale agriculture, its people, nevertheless, live in heartbreaking poverty.  

As Ace Prime and Tabacalera Pichardo progressed and demand expanded, the company began to expanding its farming. In Jalapa, Mr. Meirelles’ farming partner Yalila Fuentes introduced him to local families in desperate need because of disease, poverty, and oppression. 

In response to the poverty and inhumane conditions in Jalapa, Mr. Meirelles established The Ace Prime Foundation to address the broader systemic issues and mobilizes support for vulnerable families. 

The Ace Prime Foundation’s goal is to develop and enforce sustainable practices that can significantly improve the lives of people working in the cigar industry.  

The Ace Prime Foundation has coordinated with the Exodus Road (NGO that works hand to hand with the US State Department fighting human trafficking) to help raise funds to support the impoverished tobacco field workers and families. They have set a goal of $50,000 to feed the most vulnerable and build a day care center for children with special needs so they can be fed and cared for, while parents are at work. ACE Prime will be matching the donations up to 25K or when the initial goal is reached. Other long term actions are going to be implemented throughout the year. 

Donations to support the efforts of the Foundation can be made at


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