A preview of the Intertabac 2023

In addition to a long list of well-known global cigar brands, a striking number of new exhibitors are taking the opportunity to present themselves at Intertabac this year (September 14–16 in Dortmund, Germany).

Some of the notable new exhibitors and their booth numbers are:

  • Acon Tobacco Industries, Paraguay – Wonnerbar Cigars, coffee & chocolate (7.A33)
  • Aganorsa Leaf, USA – a vertically integrated tobacco/cigar company producing in Nicaragua (7.B44)
  • Artista Cigars, Dom. Rep. – a very successful family operation run by Radhames “Ram” Rodríguez (4.B18)
  • Caldwell Cigar Company, USA – a cigar company founded 10 years ago, now presenting their products at their own booth (4.E25)
  • China Tobacco Sichuan Industrial Co Ltd., China – got international attention with a 93-rated cigar last year (7.C32)
  • Cigar Specialist International, China – building brands globally, especially into and out of Asia Pacific and China (4.D23)
  • Comercial Iberoamericana S.A., Spain – presenting Habanos-branded accessories (4.A24)
  • Der Humidor, Germany – Marc André is one of the world’s leading experts for humidors and humidification (4.D08)
  • Dos Jotas, Dom. Rep. – a boutique cigar company (7.B10e)
  • German Engineered Cigars, Germany – an innovative German cigar company with a growing international presence (4.D23)
  • Guangxi Shuoyi Packaging Co., Ltd, China – cigar accessories (6.B30)
  • Guangzhou Yujia Smoking Trading, China – more accessories, humidors, etc. (7.C28)
  • Gurkha Cigars, USA – finally the great Gurkha cigars are back (7.C28)
  • Humidores Wacota, Spain – a humidor builder respected for over 40 years (7.C12)
  • Izambar Cigars, Switzerland – the Swiss-based company offers excellent Nicaraguan cigars (7.C08b)
  • La Matilde Cigars, Dom. Rep. – cigars from the famed José Seijas and his sons Enrique & Rocardo (7.B44)
  • Longfiller Company, The Netherlands – Sasja van Horssen’s company represents the finest cigars and accessories (4.E21)
  • Minea Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd., China – another supplier of cigar boxes and cases (7.C02)
  • Montes Bros Brands SL, Spain – represents ultra-premium cigars, spirits and accessories (7.A16)
  • DH Boutique Cigars, Singapore – this is Didier Houvenaghel, cigar expert, Master blender and author of the best book on cigars (4.D01)
  • Don Fernando Cigars – a boutique brand von Fernando Bencomo (7.B10i)
  • Peter James Co., Canada – boutique cigars and cases (7.B10b)
  • PT Besuki Raya Cigars – cigars from Indonesia (5.D03)
  • Raching Technology, China – humidor cabinets and wine coolers at affordable prices (7.C28)
  • Skull77 Cigars, Switzerland – a brand born 9 years ago by Laurent Taha and made in Costa Rica
  • Sperlinga Cigars, Dom. Rep. – a Dominican cigar company run by the family Potolinca di Sperlinga (7.B10k)
  • Casdagli Cigars, Estonia – Jeremy Casdagli has a worldwide presence with his highly rated cigars (7.A08)
  • Tabacos de Costa Rica – the well-known cigar factory will finally introduce their own brands (7.A11)




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