Vitium, The Desire to Pamper Yourself | Pompei (NA), Italy

Friday July 16th will be remembered by the Italian and in particular Campania slow smoking world for the opening of the new Habanos Lounge in Pompei: Vitium. The historic Cesarano tobacconist has grown over the years becoming a reference point for Caribbean and Cuban cigars in particular and with a lot of courage in these 18 months of pandemic has expanded its spaces by creating a beautiful smoking lounge with eight chestrfield leather seats, a walk -in dedicated, a champagne corner with well-known maison but also with small RM (recoltant manipulant) , a cocktail bar and one of the best espresso coffees you can drink in the area.

At the opening there was the vice president of Diadema spa, the Italian importer of Cuban cigars, Mr. Yannis Levy Ratynski, the president of the local cigar club ò Sicarie, Gianluca Buonocore, many enthusiasts and among others Vincenzo de Gregorio, one of the greatest Italian tobacco experts and many onlookers. A special applause goes to the choice of the aeration system that managed fifteen smokers at the same time without causing any annoyance to those present. Stroling inside the shop, see and touch all the accessories related to the world of tobacco, get advice from the owner Antonio or his factotum Francesco Ventura (Italian champion of the Habanos World Challenger – vice world champion in Cuba – Official Judge at Cigar Smoking World Championship) what to smoke and how to pair the cigar is a VITIUM that will hardly be lost once acquired. Pompei will now be recognised around the world for its famous ruins and for the Vitium smoking lounge.


Tabaccheria Cesarano
Via Lepanto 274
80045 Pompei (Na)
Tel.: +39 081 8632866

Text: Gino Iannillo


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